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Hello, and welcome to our site Ergonomic Trends! Curious about the people behind the site?

My name’s Jon and I’m a mechanical engineer by day, and ergonomics enthusiast. I co-founded Ergonomic Trends after witnessing first hand the positive impact that simple changes to my own workspace has had on my productivity and health. It still amazes me how the right contours, angles, and way we interact with everyday products can make all the difference in terms of relieving pain and working more efficiently.

My goal with Ergonomic Trends is to share all my latest findings on how ergonomics can help improve your life, backed by science and studies.

– Jon Muller

Hi there, I’m George, a web developer of over 20 years, and a technology addict. I recently joined Jon in contributing to Ergonomic Trends as an editor and product reviewer. As someone who easily spends 12+ hours in front of the computer everyday, I’m eager to avoid going down the path of a life of back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a host of other muscular diseases down the road. The pursuit of ergonomics isn’t just a hobby for me, but a priority.

My job, apart from editor in chief, is to bring you the most honest reviews on ergonomic related products on the web, by actually testing and sharing my first hand experience with them as much as possible. For products we can’t get our hands on, I always do extensive research online, by going through hundreds of user experiences, combined with reviews from authority sites before forming my own conclusion. In other words, every ergonomic product featured on Ergonomic Trends has gone through careful vetting, representing the very best in ergonomics and function. That is my mission and promise.

– George C

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