Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 400 lbs Capacity (Don’t Buy Until You Read This)

If you weigh 400 lbs, you may have trouble finding an office chair that is large and sturdy enough to be comfortable. An office chair has to be well made with quality materials to withstand the frequent use that it will receive; for this reason big and tall chair owners often have to shell out more for a heavy duty chair that will fit their needs. As a big guy, if you’ve been disappointed time and time again by office chairs that broke too quickly or just cannot accommodate your size comfortably, you’re in luck.

In this guide we research the very best big and tall office chairs with a high weight capacity of 400 lbs or over for large people who need a reliable, heavy duty ergonomic office chair. Special attention is paid to the dimensions of the seat to make sure they are wide and deep enough as well to accommodate large users, as what good is a sturdy chair if you can’t fit comfortably in it?

So without further adieu , here’s out list of the five best heavy duty office chairs with a 400 pounds capacity in 2018.

1. OFM Avenger Series Big and Tall Leather– Best 400 lbs Executive Leather Chair

OFM Avenger Big Tall Executive Chair ReviewOFM’s Avenger Series Executive Chair won’t just keep you comfortable, it will make you look good while doing it. With brown leather upholstery and elegant champagne-colored base, this chair exudes refinement from every seam.

A 28” wide 5-star base allows this heavy duty office chair to balance and support up to 400 lbs. Multiple users in the 300 pound range report this chair being sturdy and comfortable when other chairs had fallen to pieces in a matter of months.

Even better, the OFM Avenger Series Executive Chair has size to match its strength. The seat has a wide width of 24” and a depth of 22.5” to ensure that its users don’t feel pinched in. One user says that he chose this chair specifically for its impressive seat depth and that it is perfect for a tall person.

The cushioning on this chair is also top-of-the line. The seat cushion is 5” thick and the armrests have a generous 1” padding upholstered in leather. The tufted leather patterns for additional comfort and flair are the cherry on top. Customers have described it as well put together, and it certainly has that appearance.

It should be noted that the leather upholstery of this chair is bonded leather, not genuine leather, though as far as synthetic leather, this is as high quality as it gets.

Overall, the OFM Avenger Series Executive Chair is a classy and capacious office chair well suited for big and tall users. It has the right look for a sophisticated den or an elegant office and the generous size to go along with such roles.


  • Sturdy construction supports users up to 400 pounds
  • Wide and deep seat is accommodating for larger people
  • Padding is generously thick and upholstered with detailed stitching


  • Upholstery is bonded leather, not genuine
  • Can be squeaky when moving around

2. E-WIN Big and Tall Racing– Best 450 lbs Capacity Gaming Chair

E-WIN Big and Tall Gaming Chair ReviewThe E-Win Big and Tall Gaming Chair is a premium heavy duty gaming chair with high-tech foam padding and 21st century adjustability. If you’re into gaming or just looking for a chair with a bolder design, this is hands down one of the best 400 lbs capacity gaming chair you can get.

First of all, the E-Win Big and Tall Gaming Chair is indeed a gaming chair, and this means it has great options for adjustability. The back reclines up to 155°, a rare achievement for heavy duty chairs with a capacity over 400 pounds. To safety support a large person at that angle, the E-Win’s frame consists of 16mm diameter steel tubes that is 30% thicker than similar heavy duty chairs’.

Complimenting the versatile backrest are equally impressive 4D armrests. Adjust their height, angle, and even pivot to support your arms at any angle as you game. One owner extolled how he can sit in the E-Win Big and Tall from 5pm to 5am and still feel comfortable the next day.

A big part of comfort in any office chair is the seat cushioning and lumbar support, and the E-Win Big and Tall delivers on those front too. The high density foam used was developed in house to withstand heavy weights without sagging while still offering a good amount of elasticity. The detachable lumbar and headrest offer additional support in your lower back and neck as you wish to lean back in the chair.

Finally, with all these features, it’s important to not forget the ‘big and tall’ description in E-Win’s Big and Tall Gaming Chair’. This chair has a 450 pound capacity, a 22” seat width, and a 24.4” seat depth. Not including the side wings, the chair’s width measures 17.3″. As one user said, the chair is wide enough for him to sit cross legged in.

In summary, the E-Win Big and Tall Gaming Chair is the best racing-style option on this list, perfect for large gamers who want a chair they can depend on. There isn’t space to describe all the features this chair has, but rest assured that it can perform at a high level.


  • Back reclines up to 155° for napping or relaxing
  • High density foam seat that doesn’t sag easily
  • Impressive 450 pound capacity and wide 22” by 24.4” seat for large users
  • Ultra solid metal frame that’s 30% thicker than similar chairs’ on the market


  • Headrest pillow too small relative for larger people
  • Some owners received damaged parts upon arrival

3. Space Seating Big and Tall Mesh– Best 400 lbs Mesh Office Chair

SPACE Seating Big and Tall Chair ReviewThe Space Seating Big and Tall Mesh Seat has a simple look and design, but the sturdy capacity of this chair and the amazing breathability of its seat and back make it a great option for users up to 400 pounds.

As with the other chairs on this list, Space Seating’s Big and Tall Mesh Seat is an office chair made for big and/or tall people, and the seat’s vital statistics reflect this. The weight capacity is 400 pounds and the seat is 22” wide by 21″ deep. One large 375 pound owner happily extolled “Holy fat! This is the best chair I’ve ever purchased for my home”.

While this chair does look pretty basic, it hides some pleasant surprises, such as a lumbar support pillow held against the mesh of the back. Lumbar support is very important for keeping good posture and avoiding back pain, and the pillow on this chair is part of what makes it such a high-quality model. One user said that the lumbar support was the subject of many comments when the chair first arrived.

One other nifty feature the Space Seating Big and Tall Mesh Seat has is height and width-adjustable armrests. Height adjustable armrests, to be fair, are relatively common in high-end office chairs, but width-adjustable armrests are more rare and give this chair more utility for large users. One user commented that the armrests were perfect in their adjustability.

The price tag on this chair may be surprising; after all, it is a manager-style chair, not even an executive. However, keep in mind the quality of the materials and the special heavy duty design used in making this office chair as factors for explaining the high price.

All in all, the Space Seating Big and Tall Mesh Chair isn’t flashy, but it is comfortable and well-constructed for large users. If you’re looking for a comfortable and high-quality office chair to use and don’t need anything fancy-looking, this could be the chair for you.



  • 400 pound capacity and 22” wide seat for large users
  • Unobtrusive lumbar support keeps good posture and prevents back pain
  • Height and width-adjustable armrests allow for accommodation of many sizes of user


  • Price is high for a manager-style office chair
  • Shorter users report not being able to touch the floor when sitting in this chair

4. HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair– Best 450 lbs High Back Mesh Chair

HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair ReviewHON’s Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair is an ergonomic office chair with a breathable mesh design. If you liked the style of the Space Seating Seat but would like the taller back and head support that comes with an executive-style chair, the HON Big and Tall Executive Chair is a great option.

The weight capacity of the HON Big and Tall Executive Chair is 450 pounds, the highest on this list. The seat is 22” wide, fairly standard for heavy duty office chairs. One 425 pound user said that this chair lasted where other big and tall chairs had broken.

One impressive feature of this chair is the tilt control. One knob controls the tilt tension, so you can adjust how much give the chair has when you lean back, and another knob locks the tilt if you want the back to stay at a certain angle. Users comment that this chair feels very sturdy and the tilt works smoothly, but it can squeak at higher levels of tilt tension.

Finally, the HON Big and Tall Executive Chair is simply comfortable for large users. The mesh back and seat are breathable, so sweating shouldn’t be an issue even for people who weigh 400 pounds, and there is lumbar support included to keep your posture good. One user reported that these designs did make the chair comfortable, specifically that mesh kept him cool enough to prevent excess sweat.

Overall, the HON Big and Tall Executive Chair provides lots of comfort for a reasonable price, and it boasts a higher weight capacity than even most heavy duty office chairs. The design is executive, but the mesh back and seat keep this chair as cool as anything else on this list.


  • 450 pound weight capacity outshines other heavy duty chairs
  • Tilt control allows customization for personal comfort
  • Mesh seat and back plus lumbar support make this chair comfortable for large users


  • Armrests have been reported to break or degrade easily
  • Chair back can squeak when tilt tension is set high

5. Essentials Big and Tall Leather Chair– Great Budget 400 lbs Executive Chair

Essentials Big and Tall Leather Executive Chair ReviewIt is fitting that this list should end as it began, with another OFM Executive chair. The Essentials Big and Tall Leather Executive Chair is a sleek, ergonomic office chair with leather styling and deep cushions. The silver-colored framing complements the black bonded leather upholstery for a very suave look.

The Essentials Big and Tall Executive Chair can support users up to 400 pounds. The seat is a generous 24” wide and 21” deep. Users say that this chair isn’t just a regular chair that has been reinforced, it is specifically designed with large people in mind.

Segmented padding on the seat and back of this chair provides just the right amount of support at each ergonomic point. The stitching is secure and the bonded leather upholstery is smooth. A leather expert review this chair reports being impressed with this chair’s value.

Many users of heavy duty office chairs have had the experience of chairs breaking on them; OFM address this worry in the Essentials Big and Tall Executive Chair by providing a Limited Lifetime Warranty. One user commented that when a rod in the chair mechanism broke, customer service was prompt in communication and sent a replacement part to make the chair whole again.

An unevenly sloping seat seems to be an issue in several individual chairs of this model; be aware of this issue if you decide to acquire this chair; a replacement or repair may be necessary.

To sum up, the Essentials Big and Tall Executive Chair is a stylish and sturdy executive office chair. It has a timeless look that would fit well in any office, and its high weight capacity makes it a great option for large users.


  • 400 pound capacity and 24” by 21” seat gives users plenty of space
  • Segmented cushions provide good ergonomic support at seat and back
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures longer chair lifespan


  • Upholstery is bonded leather, not genuine
  • Quality control issues with unevenly sloping seat

What to Look for in a Big and Tall Office Chair

As a large chair user, be aware of what features a chair has to keep you supported, and also be careful to note the specific weight capacity and dimensions of each chair. As you are probably aware, ‘big and tall’ can mean a lot of things, and some big and talls are bigger and taller than others. When looking for a heavy duty office chair, then, it is more important to pay attention to specifics than it is when purchasing a standard-sized chair.

The list of heavy duty chairs here are the very best in their class, with not only a high 400 lbs weight capacity, but large seat dimensions to make sure you don’t feel pinched when seated. The guide includes a wide variety of chair styles, from racing-style gaming chairs to austere leather models that wouldn’t be out of place in a Victorian den. As you search for chairs, it’s important to find one that is both comfortable and appealing to your personal tastes as far as style is concerned. But if you start from this list, you should be in good hands.

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