Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs Under $100- Low Budget but High Quality

Ergonomic gaming chairs are essentially souped-up office chairs, sporting headrest pillows, comfortable recline, heaps of padding, and ergonomically molded armrests that support you as you conquer your enemies.

Whether you’re a casual gamer, or one that spends numerous hours daily fighting off bogies in Call of Duty, having an ergonomic gaming chair to support your heroic efforts is more important than it sounds. Due to the long hours sitting in the same position when we game, it’s no surprise that musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pain, hand stiffness and even carpal tunnel syndrome are so prevalent among gamers.

In this guide I handpick the best 7 ergonomic gaming chairs you should get if you’re on a budget. In fact, all of them are below $100 (prices subject to change), allowing you to game in more comfort and increased health for little more than a copy of the latest AAA game. It’s a no brainer really. You simply won’t find better gaming chairs in this price range.

Devoko Gaming Chair300 pounds30 days refund, 6 months warranty.Editor's Pick for best gaming chair under $100Check Price
Homall Gaming Chair300 pounds30 days refund, 12 months warranty.A cheaper, almost-as-good alternative to the Devoko ChairCheck Price
Furmax Racing Chair310 pounds30 days refund, 6 months warranty.Only quality budget gaming chair with a flip out footrestCheck Price
OFM Gaming Chair250 poundsLimited lifetime warrantyBest budget mid back gaming chair that easily doubles as a regular office chairCheck Price
Homall Racing Chair280 pounds30 days refund, 6 months warranty.Nice racing inspired design in a conventional, affordable office chairCheck Price
SEATZONE Gaming Chair350 poundsn/aGreat budget mid back gaming chair with high weight capacityCheck Price
Mermax Gaming Chair225 poundsn/aFamiliar ergonomic design as the first two chairs, though with height adjustable armrestsCheck Price

1. Devoko Ergonomic High-Back PC Gaming Chair

Bottom Line: Best Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair under $100, with large back and dual neck and lumbar pillows for great comfort.

Weight 45.5 lbs
Capacity 300 lbs
Dimensions 20.5” x 19.8” x 46.6–50.5” (L x W x H)
Recline Degree 90–180 degrees
Warranty 30 days free replacement/refund, 6 months for free part replacement

Devoko Ergonomic High-Back PC Gaming Chair ReviewWith its bright color scheme contrasted by its black frame, you’ve probably seen this chair in many Internet cafes. Indeed, the design of the chair makes it look like it was taken out of a race car from Need for Speed or Gran Turismo.

The chair boasts a high curved and breathable polyurethane leather back and bucket seat, with a removable headrest and adjustable lumbar cushion that support your real-life avatar as you personalize your virtual one. You’d be hard pressed to find these features in a gaming chair under $200, let alone $100.

The easily lockable tilt adjustment lets you toggle between working, reading, relaxing, and lying modes, with an impressive tilt range unparalleled in most office chairs. In fact, this gaming chair relines all the way back to 180 degrees- perfect for recharging your batteries after being thoroughly pwned by your opponents.

Height adjustability with a safety gas spring on the Devoko Gaming Chair is a given. Scratch-resistant polyurethane casters allow you to roll across any floor to quickly get things done while waiting to respawn.

The rubber-padded armrests on the Devoko cannot flip back, though you have the option of simply not installing the armrests should you choose.

With a sturdy frame that supports up to 300 pounds, cutting edge design and wide seat and back dimensions, the Devoko is simply the best gaming chair you can get for around $100. To top it off, the seller appears to provide very reliable customer service, making it your best choice for a budget gaming chair.


  • Tried-and-tested gaming chair design for proven ergonomic comfort and support
  • Large 180 degree recline to fully relax between gaming
  • Removable headrest and lumbar pillow for extra customization


  • Armrests cannot flip back, requires disassembly to get rid of them
  • New chairs may have a chemical smell, with a few having quality control issues

2. Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Bottom Line: A cheaper, almost-as-good alternative to the Devoko Chair

Weight 42.1 lbs
Capacity 300 lbs
Dimensions 20.5” x 19.8” x 47.8–52” (L x W x H)
Recline Degree 90–180 degrees
Warranty 1 month free product exchange/refund, 1 year free part replacement or product exchange

Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair ReviewAlmost identical in design to the Devoko chair, the Homall PC Gaming chair is an excellent alternative to those who wish to save a few more bucks at the expense of slightly inferior quality. The Homall features a removable headrest and adjustable lumbar cushion, lockable tilt, and adjustable height, just like the Devoko Gaming chair. The chair back and seat is made from 1.8-mm-thick “high-quality steel”, and rests on rubber PU wheels for free and scratch-resistant movement. Both the Devoko and Homall chairs offer very comfortable ergonomic sitting that can be customised by adjusting the headrest and/or pillow.

Departing from the Devoko, this Homall offers a rocking option, where the rocking tension can be adjusted using a dial on the underside of the seat. This is in fact a much-appreciated function for those who prefer a bit of upper-body mobility when sitting, maybe to rock out when that epic in-game soundtrack drops (we’re not judging).

Homall states that the 3.15-inch-thick seat padding is made from a “shaping sponge” that is “comfortable and not easy to collapse.” It does feel firm without being overly hard. Being cheaper than the Devoko though, there have been a bit more problems from customers with quality control, such as the gas lift and balance. Buyers can take advantage of the longer warranty period in those off chances they need assistance, however.


  • Robust chair structure enforced by steel seat and back frame
  • Cheaper than the Devoko chair while affording comparable ergonomic comfort
  • Additional rocking function for upper-body mobility when sitting


  • A few more quality control issues with the armrests, gas lift, and balance, which may be remedied by the extended warranty

3. Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair

Bottom Line: Only quality budget gaming chair with a flip out footrest to support your lower limbs

Weight 51.8 lbs
Capacity 310 lbs
Dimensions 20.9” x 19.7” x 49.5–52.7” (L x W x H)
Recline Degree 90–180 degrees
Warranty 30 days free replacement/refund, 6 month free part replacement/support

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back with Footrest ReviewWhereas all of the budget gaming chairs here provide great ergonomic support for the upper limbs and body, they don’t give as much attention to the legs. This Furmax gaming chair provides similar upper limb and body support as the aforementioned chairs, but also comes with a pull-out and thick footrest that takes care of the lower limbs as well. Costing about the same as the above chairs, this is a solid pick if often feel the need to stretch out your legs, or even take a quick nap in between gaming. Don’t expect the footrest to offer anything more than temporary relief for your legs however. For a true napping chair, there are more dedicated office chairs with footrests for that.

Another welcomed function of the Furmax gaming chair are the height-adjustable armrests. Instead of not installing armrests, now you can adjust their heights to fit yours, but we still recommend moving your arms around and shaking out your hands often to avoid arm strains and even carpal tunnel. As seen in the Homall chair, the Furmax chair also supports rocking to afford your back micro movements as you lean back.

Some customers had shipping and quality control issues apparently, such as missing or broken parts when they ordered the Furmax chair. On the bright side, the exceptional and honest customer service from Furmax is a nice touch, even turning some disgruntled reviewers back to fans in their reviews! All in all a nice sub $100 gaming chair that is comparable in some ways to the DXRacer and AKRacing without costing several hundreds more.


  • Gaming chair with a flip-over footrest to support the lower limbs
  • Height-adjustable armrests allow more personalization for the arms
  • Slightly higher weight capacity gives this gaming chair a little one-up on the above chairs


  • Some quality control issues,, although the manufacturer is quite reliable and quick to resolve customer issues
  • Heavier chair weight will limit its portability

4. OFM Essentials Gaming Chair

Bottom Line: Best budget mid back gaming chair that easily doubles as a regular office chair during breaks.

Weight Capacity 37 lbs
Capacity 250 lbs
Dimensions 29.3” x 28.1” x 48.3–52.1” (L x W x H)
Recline Degree >90 degrees
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair ReviewThe three gaming chairs we’ve reviewed so far are all quite similar in terms of look and sometimes in function. You can immediately tell from this chair that it’s different. Resembling a fancy office chair, the ubiquitous removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are gone, as well as the inwardly-oriented seat sides. Some users may miss the loss of a high back and separate pillows, but this does make the OFM Essentials PC Gaming Chair much more portable and suitable as a regular office chair when your boss walks in.

Overall the OFM Gaming Chair offers good ergonomic support. The padded armrests show your arms a bit more love than the plastic armrests on other chairs, plus they can retract if you prefer not to use them. The entire chair is upholstered in SofThread leather, which is a premium PU leather material that is softer to the touch. I love the thick padding and ergonomic cut out of the backrest, which feels mighty comfortable as I lay back.

A relatively lightweight chair, the OFM Gaming Chair is a quality, non nonsense office plus gaming chair below $100. It’s a great choice for those who prefer fewer adjustable parts to reduce points of failure while still delivering on ergonomic comfort.


  • Gaming chair that can also double as an office chair with its more conventional design
  • Padded armrests offer arm comfort and can be retract when they get in the way
  • Longer warranty compared to other chairs for more customer support if needed


  • No headrest and lumbar pillows can mean less ergonomic comfort for some
  • Tilt range doesn’t seem to be as large as the other chairs listed above
  • Fewer functions and a lower weight capacity than the other gaming chairs

5. Homall Leather Racing Style Gaming Chair

Bottom Line: Nice racing inspired design in a conventional, affordable office chair

Weight 37.5 lbs
Capacity 280 lbs
Dimensions 18.75” x 20.5” x 45.7″–49.5” (L x W x H)
Recline Degree 90–180 degrees
Warranty 30 days money back, 6 months damage replacement

Homall Leather Racing Style Gaming Chair ReviewHomall has proven itself to be on the cutting edge when it comes to gaming chair design, and this extends to their mid back gaming chairs such as this one. The fire red accents combined with classic black and white tones immediately inspires you to get your game on while leaving plenty of money on the table to acquire other important gaming accessories.

The Homall Leather Gaming Chair features a rather heavy duty SGS certified gas lift that supports up to 280 pounds in weight. The chair seat can raise close to 4″ up (17″ to 20.75″) to suit the height of your desk. Throw in a pair of well padded armrests that can flip up to disappear, and you have a versatile mid back PC gaming chair that can go into any tight office or home space.

In terms of comfort and ergonomics, the Hotmall Chair features an impressive ~180 degree tilt that can be locked into the desired angle. The chair’s wide seat at 20.5″ should adequately accommodate even slightly larger users, though bare in  mind the maximum 280 weight limit. The PU leather found on the Hotmall chair is comfortable, though one buyer complained of the paint coming off after a few weeks. Luckily the customer service department at Hotmall is super responsive, and should quickly rectify any issues you may have with the chair, including offering a full refund within the first 30 days.

For those of you looking for a compact, racing style gaming chair that can also double as a regular office chair during off hours, the Hotmall Leather Gaming Chair is a great choice, especially given it’s sub $100 price tag.


  • Cutting edge race car design in a mid back office chair
  • Flip up armrests that get out of the way when not needed
  • Large 180 tilt that’s lockable to really relax between taking down enemies
  • Ultra budget friendly, well below $100


  • Some users complain of the paint job coming off the chair rather quickly
  • Cushioning on the chair could be thicker

6. SEATZONE Swivel Gaming Chair

Bottom Line: Great budget mid back gaming chair with high weight capacity

Weight Capacity 30.4 lbs
Capacity 350 lbs
Dimensions 20.5” x 19” x 43–47” (L x W x H)
Recline Degree >90 degrees
Warranty Request from customer serviceChair Weight: 30.4 lbs

SEATZONE Racing Style Office Chair ReviewSimilar to the OFM Essentials gaming chair, this product from SEATZONE also looks like it could also belong to an office worker who is publicly or privately a gamer. The armrests are fixed but are relatively well-padded with breathable mesh and PU leather to support your arms as you click on your spreadsheet cells or enemies.

True to its gaming chair functions, you can toggle between locked or rocking modes (which you adjust with a dial). Know that the chair doesn’t raise up as high as the other chairs we’ve reviewed, which can be disadvantageous if you have a tall desk.

Weighing in at the lightest chair in our list, you may also be surprised that it boasts the highest weight capacity. Is it infused with magic or does it have fully upgraded parts? Apparently, the SGS-approved gas cylinder is bigger than that of most chairs, which the manufacturer claims makes this chair stabler and safer — not the exciting answer you may have hoped for, but the important thing is that it works.

Some reviewers caution that there may be a smell from the chair material that dissipates over time. This is a reasonable choice over the OFM Essentials Gaming chair if you’re over 250 pounds.


  • Similar aesthetic as the OFM chair, can be used as both an office and gaming chair
  • Has more functions than the OFM chair, with an adjustable rocking feature
  • Higher weight capacity and lighter chair weight due to larger seat gas cylinder


  • Integrity of chair structure overly dependent on the armrests
  • Lower chair height may not be ideal for some buyers

7. Merax Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

Bottom Line: Familiar ergonomic design as the first two chairs, though with height adjustable armrests

Weight 35 lbs
Capacity 225 lbs
Dimensions 20” x 20” x 50–54” (L x W x H)
Recline Degree 90–160 degrees
Warranty Request from customer service

Merax Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair ReviewIf it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Like the Devoko and Homall chairs, Merax’s chair features an eerily familiar design, and there’s a good reason why. The sides of the back and seat curve inwards to hold the user while still giving ample room to adjust sitting position, not to mention the generous amount of padding that helps chair users cozily gain EXP while supporting their necks and lower backs. With a steel back and seat frame like Homall’s gaming chair, expect it to be just as robust.

One of the differentiating features of the Merax PC and console gaming chair is the height adjustable armrests. They lift up 4″ if needed, which are great if you have shorter arms.

The lockable tilt adjustment and rocking option makes it similar in function to the Homall chair reviewed earlier. Users can go between “comfy working mode” (90 degrees), “pleasant watching video mode” (100 degrees), to “reading a romantic novel mode” (150 degrees) by adjusting a lever. On the down side, buyers have voiced complaints with the hydraulic lift and balance with some of the chairs.

Although not being able to tilt back as far as the Devoko and Homall chairs, a tilt angle of 160 degrees is quite impressive in the Merax Gaming Chair. A lower maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds means that the lighter Merax chair is better suited for lighter users compared to the previously mentioned products.


  • Height adjustable armrests to improved arms support
  • Lighter chair that is ideal for smaller and lighter users
  • Larger seat dimensions allow users more space to move around


  • Smaller range of recline and lower maximum weight capacity compared to Devoko and Homall gaming chairs

FAQs about PC Gaming Chairs

Why should I get a gaming chair?

You may need a good gaming chair if you regularly sit down and play games for a few hours at a time. Not sitting in a proper position and maintaining that poor posture over the long term can lead to health problems like carpal tunnel, poor blood circulation, and back pain. Getting a well-made ergonomic gaming chair can help you maintain a healthy and comfortable sitting position for extended periods of gaming. Gaming chairs usually have bold color designs, so they can also be cool fashion statements in your room, setting a certain ambience or feel that can tell others that you mean business (in the gaming sense).

How is a gaming chair different from other chairs?

Gaming chairs are designed for people who play games, which can take up to a few hours. Therefore, the focus of these chairs is to make your sitting experience comfortable while also supporting your body in a natural position to avoid long-term harm to your body. Gaming chairs may have more functions that help you maintain a sustained posture (e.g more padding, full recline, or headrest and lumbar pillows). Some gaming chairs may include other cool functions that can enhance your gaming experience: console connectivity, built-in audio, remote controls for your TV and/or console, and even a massage setting.

What are important things to look for in a gaming chair?

Ergonomic support (e.g. chair shape, padding thickness, and pillow adjustability) is important, as you want your chair to support a healthy posture when you are sitting in it for long periods of time. We believe that no chair is created equal — while there are great ergonomic gaming chairs that cost five PS4s, the best chair is the one that provides the best comfort and functionality for you the buyer. Other great aspects you can look for in a good gaming chair should include design and material quality, range of motion, mobility, adjustability, and sturdiness. Even more specialized aspects of a gaming chair like aesthetics, height-adjustable armrests, subwoofer sound systems, and Bluetooth connectivity may also be important (depending on your gaming needs).

Who can use a gaming chair?

Anyone! Just like how anyone can be a gamer. Kids to adults alike can use a gaming chair, but there are also gaming chairs that are specifically built for a certain age range or demographic (e.g. kids or heavier and wider adults). You may want to look at the specifications of the chair, while sitting in the chair itself (if you have the opportunity) is the best way to gauge whether it is right for you.

What are some good gaming chair brands?

Some of the well-established brands are DXRacer, X Rocker, AKRacing, GT Omega, Vertagear, and RapidX to name a few. Those chairs obviously have different price points and functions, so you may want to establish your budget and desirable functions before you start shopping for a gaming chair. That doesn’t mean chairs from other brands aren’t comparably good (if not better) — some gaming chair review sites even recommend Herman Miller and IKEA chairs!

Do I get better at playing games when sitting in a gaming chair?

A question for the ages…maybe? By sitting in a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair, you can prevent health issues that over time can hurt your ability to play games. For example, sitting in a chair with poorly designed armrests can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes wrist pain that can make it difficult to move your wrists. For some games where pressing lots of keys or buttons is necessary, the pain will most likely reduce your ability to play games. Using an ergonomic gaming chair may help your body relax, which can help your gaming skills. However, we can’t guarantee this — you may find your chair so comfortable that you fall asleep, which probably won’t improve your gameplay! On the other hand, you may find that having a gaming chair with built-in speakers helps you to react faster to approaching enemies. At the end of the day, practice makes perfect; it’s not always what you use to play that matters, but how you play.

Gaming on a Budget

Even if you’re gaming on a budget, there simply is no excuse to not invest in an ergonomic office chair, having seen how some of them cost under $100. Sitting in the same position for a long time can do a number on your hands, back, and feet, so a good posture can help you avoid the much higher cost of disability and medical bills awaiting you.

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