The Best Ergonomic Mouse for 2018- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Updated rankings for 2018!

So why an ergonomic mouse? Most people hardly give a second thought to the mouse they use, preferring to focus their attention- and money- on the latest graphics card, CPU, or even PC case. If you’re one of those people, consider this- the computer mouse, besides the keyboard, is the only part of the computer you’re constantly in physical contact with. As such, not giving it its due respect can have serious repercussions.

We’ve extensively reviewed and compiled a list of the best ergonomic mice for 2018 you should consider to minimize the chances of permanently damaging your body through the routine use of a regular mouse.

The Best Ergonomic Mouse for 2018

MouseButtonsConnectionBattery LifeDetails
Logitech MX ERGO8Bluetooth, Unify Receiver4 monthsCheck Price
Logitech MX Master 2S7Bluetooth, Unify Receiver70 days on single chargeCheck Price
J-Tech Digital V628 Vertical Mouse4Wired and Wireless VersionsN/ACheck Price
Logitech Trackman Marble4WiredWiredCheck Price
Jelly Comb62.4 GHz WirelessN/ACheck Price

1. Logitech MX ERGO Advanced– Best Overall Ergonomic Mouse for 2018

Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball Mouse ReviewThe Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Mouse is our top pick for best ergonomic mouse of 2018. Its innovative tilt feature, sculpted design and intelligently placed buttons make this the most comfortable horizontal mouse you’ve probably ever experienced.

What makes the Logitech ERGO punch out to lead the pack? It’s all in the adjustable hinge that lets you tilt the mouse up to 20 degrees on its side for the most natural, comfortable position. This slight change in angle may not seem like much, but overtime it makes a huge difference for a lot of people. By minimizing any unnatural twists to your wrist while you use the mouse, you greatly reduce your chances of developing common ailments such as nerve pain, stiffness in the fingers and arms, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. No other horizontal mouse we’ve reviewed so far has this feature.

We also love the sculptured design of the Logitech MX ERGO. It basically lets your hand fully rest on the mouse when in use, instead of clinging to it like your last hundred dollar bill. By conforming to your hand, the mouse eliminates the unconscious gripping and tension in your fingers that gradually leads to nerve pain and other repetitive strain injuries. The soft rubber coating on the top of the MX ERGO is also a nice departure from the cold plastic found in other mice.

Logitech’s own study shows a 20% reduction in muscular strain and effort using the ERGO Wireless Mouse compared to other mice, and I’m not surprised. As someone who experiences the occasional stiffness in the hand after a long day on the computer, I was shocked at just how rested my hand felt even after a full day with the Logitech MX ERGO Advanced.

The mouse weighs just 5.7 ounces, and the added bluetooth connection (on top of Logitech’s unifying receiver) for two different ways to wirelessly connect your mouse is a welcomed addition for users that never seem to have enough USB ports to go around.

Another standout feature of the Logitech MX ERGO Trackball mouse is the thumb controlled trackball. If you’ve never used a trackball before, it might take some time to get used to it, though from an ergonomic standpoint, it makes sense. Instead of physically pushing the mouse across a surface to move the mouse cursor, a trackball minimizes this strenuous action by letting your thumb do the walking instead. By reducing the distance traveled and wrist movement involved, you greatly reduce your chances of wrist related pain and inquiry over time. Plus you always still have the option to move the mouse like a traditional one depending on what you’re working on.

All in all, the Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless is your best bet for a comfortable mouse that masters the art of ergonomic design. One of its greatest strengths, however, the trackball, may also be its shortcoming for you. Some people simply will simply never get used to a trackball, especially a small segment of gamers or CAD users that are conditioned to move pixels by physically moving the mouse. A trackball is also prune to sampling your last meal or snack binge, attracting grease and dirt that requires more cleaning than the average mouse for a smooth experience. If you can keep your hands clean, however, the trackball is a durable component that translates into a mouse that should last you many years.


  • Innovative 20 degree tilt feature minimizes wrist bending when using mouse.
  • Sculpted shape supports most hands comfortably and lets it rest on the mouse instead of clenching to it.
  • Trackball for maneuvering cursor greatly reduces wrist and hand related movements that could lead to inquiry
  • Both Bluetooth and Unifying Receiver connectivity with stellar battery life (rated 4 months normal use) on lithium battery.


  • Trackball requires more maintenance than regular mouse to clean
  • Not everyone can get used to a trackball
  • Right hand users only

2. Logitech MX Master 2S– Top Productivity Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse ReviewThe Logitech MX Master 2S is an ergonomic mouse designed with serious productivity in mind, and a striking design that’s seemingly taken out of the pages of Star Trek.

Lets start with the game changing feature of the MX Master 2S- Logitech Flow. The technology basically enables the mouse to be used on up to 3 computers (both PC and Mac) simultaneously. Believe me when I tell you it’s like magic whenever I drag the mouse between my large monitor that’s connected to the desktop, to my Macbook Pro laptop sitting next to it on my desk to control both at a whim. It’s a huge productivity boost. One mouse, up to 3 computers. With the Logitech software installed on both devices, I can even copy and paste files, passwords, and any data between my desktop and laptop computers.

I constantly switch between my desktop and Macbook, and its a godsend to be able to use one mouse on both devices seamlessly, as if it was simultaneously hooked up to both devices. And using the Logitech MX Master 2S on my Macbook has helped greatly reduce my hand and wrist strain.

In terms of ergonomics, the Logitech MX Master 2S features a large footprint and high profile, with a height peaking close to 2.5 inches. This means your hand will be fully supported regardless of size. The contoured design and left thumb slot relaxes all five fingers as your hand sinks into it. We love the rubberized texture surrounding the thumb rest area that adds just the right amount of grip, not to mention premium feel.

Speaking of efficiency, the Mx Master comes with 5 buttons that are all programmable. Where the thumb rests you’ll find a back and forward button, plus an unique thumb wheel to easily scroll horizontally without physically moving the mouse left to right. For people who work with spreadsheets or Photoshop often, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Located at the top of the mouse is a similarity ingenious vertical scrollwheel that also minimizes travel whenever possible. Its scroll mechanics automatically switches from ratchet to free scroll depending on how fast you spin the wheel. Say you want to quickly scroll down to the bottom of a long document- a quick flick of the top scroll wheel is all you need, instead of putting your index finger on a grueling marathon run.

We bestow the Logitech MX Master 2S with the best ergonomic productivity mouse title, as it’s not just ideally sculptured to minimize clenching and in turn joint pain, but designed to maximize your efficiency when working on everyday tasks. The Logitech Flow technology is a feature anyone with more than one PC or laptop will come to appreciate greatly. The smart thumb and top scroll wheels takes a big bite out of the need to physically move the mouse around when performing certain common tasks, boosting your productivity. And last but not least, the hand sculpted design and 4000 DPI resolution makes this mouse a dream to use for everything from drag and drop, point and click, to gaming and CAD.


  • Magical Logitech Flow technology to control up to 3 computers with one mouse
  • Excellent ergonomic design with a large and high profile to cradle most hands
  • 5 programmable buttons, including a Innovative horizontal and vertical scroll wheels to reduce wrist movements and boost productivity.
  • High 4000 DPI resolution for extra sensitivity in gaming or CAD.
  • Both Bluetooth and Unifying Receiver connectivity with stellar battery life (rated 70 days normal use) on lithium battery.


  • Poorly positioned and small back and forth buttons
  • Strictly for right handed users
  • Rather loud clicking sound

3. J-Tech Digital V628 Ergonomic Mouse– Best Overall Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

J-Tech Digital V628 Scroll Mouse Ergonomic Vertical Mouse ReviewWhen it comes to mouse ergonomics, the two main competing designs are horizontal versus vertical mouse. We did a lot of research in this field, and it seems even scientists cannot come to a consensus on which one is better. Make no mistake, however- for some people, a vertical mouse will feel more natural and comfortable to use over a long period of time than a conventional one. For this category of mouse, we pick J-Tech vertical mouse as the hands down best ergonomic vertical mouse, not just for its excellent ergonomic design, but great usability and ultra affordable price point.

Supplanting our pick for the best vertical mouse of last year, the Anker 2.4g Vertical Mouse, we find the J-Tech mouse superior in two ways.  First is the overall larger profile of the mouse that makes the J-Tech a lot more comfortable to use. The J-Tech V628 is 5.8 inches tall and 4 inches deep, compared to the Anker at 2.9 inch and 2.4 inches. The heftier profile makes the J-Tech a lot easier to grip and rest your hands on, compared to the Anker that feels more like pinching at times. Secondly, we love the removable rubber palm rest that sits underneath the J-Tech. It not only cushions your wrist, but keeps your wrist perfectly straight when operating the mouse. All these little details add up to make the J-Tech Digital V628 Mouse an extremely comfortable mouse to use for hours on end.

On the right side of the J-Tech are two giant buttons for left and right clicking, with a scroll wheel nestled between the two. On the left side you’ll find a conveniently located back and forth button where your thumb rests to make cycling between webpages or documents a breeze.

For those of you that have never used a vertical mouse, J-Tech’s design may seem radical, but this scientific form factor is meant to mimic a “handshake” where there is no unnatural twisting of the wrist to hold. The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome stems from pressure on the median nerve that runs from your forearm all the way down to the hands. The “handshake” position essentially eliminates this pressure derived from twisting your wrist and having your hands face downwards when holding a traditional mouse.

The mouse’s optical tracking is simply superb, and lets you switch between 3 levels of sensitivity- 600 / 1000 / 1600 DPI resolution- depending on the task at hand and personal preference. From an ergonomic point of view, some people like to turn the DPI level down and utilize their entire arm to move the mouse instead of the wrist to avoid putting too much strain on the former.

A couple of things worth mentioning before you dive head first into the J-Tech Digital v628 Vertical mouse. Firstly, the mouse is not ambidextrous, making it only suitable for right handed people. Also, some people with small hands have complained that the mouse’s deep profile makes it hard to align all the fingers with the buttons while remaining in a comfortable posture. Be aware of this potential shortcoming if that’s you.

Overall if you already suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, or are looking for a radical departure from a traditional ergonomic mouse to see if that can further help with hand and wrist pain, we highly recommend the J-Tech Mouse, as it is simply the best designed vertical mouse at the most affordable price point we’ve seen.

Note that the J-Tech Digital V628 Mouse comes in both a wired and wireless version (using a nano receiver). The one we reviewed was wired.


  • Best in category vertical “handshake” design that prevents twisting of the wrist that often leads to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Adjustable sensitivity- switch between 600 / 1000 / 1600 DPI resolution
  • Both wired and wireless versions available (review is for wired).
  • Very responsive Customer Support


  • Some users report quality issues upon arrival
  • Poor "back" and "forward" button placement can lead to accidental clicking.

4. Logitech Trackman Marble- Great Ambidextrous Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech Trackman Marble ReviewFinally, an ergonomic mouse that caters to both left and right hand users! The logitech Trackman Marble with its symmetrical design means it supports the contours of your hand regardless of which one you grace it with. An ambidextrous design also means you can alternate between your hands to use the mouse, an exercise that is highly ergonomic if you can master it. By spreading your mouse usage between both hands, you’re reducing the likelihood of RMS (repetitive motion syndrome), which develops when you overly or repeatedly use a specific muscle.

The defining characteristic of the Legitech Trackman is also something that’s hard to miss visually- a giant trackball centered near the far end of the mouse. Whereas the Logitech M570’s trackball is located in the thumb area and used as an secondary way to move the cursor around, the Trackman Marble doubles down on the technology, implementing a large trackball that is spun using your main index fingers and as the sole mean to moving the cursor on the screen. In fact, the base of the mouse doesn't even move, forcing your wrist to be completely stationary. If you have any sort of wrist pain, this is Beethoven to your ears.

The fact that the base of the mouse doesn’t move also makes is a godsend in tight spaces and on any surface you feel like, even on your lap. It’s important to note, however, that the mouse is wired, making it ill suited for use with your TV or other more distant devices.

Located along the two sides of the Logitech Trackman Marble are two giant buttons to serve as the left and right click buttons. Embedded inside these buttons are another set that by default serves as back and forth buttons, though they are programmable. We find the smaller set just a tad too small and positioned too high for our taste. The primary click buttons are extremely responsive and aptly positioned, however.

If there is one flaw in this trackball centric mouse, it’s the lack of a dedicated scroll wheel. Scrolling is achieved by clicking on a side button before moving the trackball the tell the mouse you wish to enter scrolling mode. We found this a little cumbersome, especially over long documents. On the flip side, the trackball is surprisingly accurate in maneuvering the cursor to precisely where we want it to go. We tested the mouse inside Photoshop to make fine changes to an image, and came out very impressed by how responsive and accurate the trackball was.

The Logitech Trackman Marble isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a radical solution to reducing carpal tunnel syndrome, or perhaps already suffer from some form of Repetitive Motion Syndrome or arthritis and need a mouse you can operate without constant discomfort, this may just be what you need. During our research we’ve come across many people who suffer from debilitating RMS or even paralysis in the hands that have given this mouse their effusive endorsement. The ambidextrous design and large trackball that can be operated by multiple fingers or even the palm of your hand means you are not limited to one posture when operating this mouse. And that makes the Logitech Trackman Marble a highly ergonomic mouse that’s in a class of its own, even if it's not the best mouse for everyone.


  • Large trackball and solid base minimizes any wrist movement while operating the mouse
  • Ambidextrous design makes it suitable for both left and right hand users, or alternate between hands to reduce tension
  • Extremely accurate trackball, even for detailed oriented work.


  • Lack of dedicated scroll wheel makes scrolling more cumbersome
  • Back and forward buttons are a little small and positioned too high for easy reach
  • Wired connection creates some clutter.

5. Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical- Best Ergonomic Mouse for Small Hands

 Jelly Comb Small Wireless Mouse ReviewFor people with small hands, finding a comfortable mouse can be tricky. A smaller mouse usually means smaller everything, including the arch that supports the palm of your hand, making them a lot less ergonomic than their larger counterparts. Luckily Jelly Comb doesn't have this shortcoming, resulting in one of the best ergonomic mouse in the market for small hands.

The Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse uses a vertical design that mimics a handshake, allowing smaller hands to wrap around the mouse fully without any twisting in the wrist. The mouse's dimensions are around 4" long by 2.3" wide by 2.7" tall, giving it a length and depth that carters very well to anyone with modest to small hands. Many users on Amazon with such hand profiles have remarked on just how comfortable the mouse is compared to traditionally sized mice.

The mouse comes with a traditional vertical scrollwheel on the top, and back and forward page buttons located above the thumbrest. Clicking on the mouse requires very little effort,  and is whisper quiet. We love the low impact, high endurance design of the click mechanics, which Jelly Comb claims have been put through stress tests of over 5 million clicks. In other words, the mouse is built to last.

Another noteworthy feature of the Jelly Comb vertical mouse is the three modes of DPI sensitivity (800 / 1200 /1600) that can be adjusted via a switch located at the tail end of the mouse. For people with small hands, being able to easily increase the mouse pointer's sensitivity with a touch of a switch is especially helpful, letting you get from point A to point B on the screen a lot faster.

The Jelly Comb is wireless and operates on a single AA battery (not included). Instead of bluetooth technology, the mouse uses 2.4G wireless technology to create that invisible connection. Simply plug in the provided tiny wireless receiver into your PC or Mac's USB port, and off you go. Some of you may decry the lack of a bluetooth connection, but the USB connection is extremely stable, and works with any device with a USB port, even my aging Samsung laptop that doesn’t support bluetooth. And when traveling, the tiny receiver can actually be stowed away inside a slot underneath the mouse, which is a nice touch.

For people with small hands that need an ergonomic and comfortable mouse, the Jelly Comb is your best bet, with its compact vertical design and dimensions that supports your palm and fingers extremely well. The mouse is also built to last, with a lifetime replacement guarantee unrivaled in the market.


  • Compact vertical design tailor made for users with modest to small hands
  • 3 adjustable DPI settings to easily change the mouse pointer’s sensitivity on the fly
  • Soft, low impact clicking mechanics tested for over 5 million clicks
  • Lifetime replacement gaurantee


  • Back and Forth page buttons do not work on the Mac
  • Single AA battery required not included.

Is an Ergonomic Mouse Necessary?

When you fail to invest in the best ergonomic mouse possible for your needs, the effects are gradual but surely devastating. Cases of Carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage in the hand and wrist have only skyrocketed in today’s age of prolonged keyboard and mouse use. By investing in a good ergonomic mouse that fits the contours of your hand and natural posture, you minimize your chances of developing these deliberating repetitive motion syndromes later in life, or if you already show early signs of it, stop it from worsening.

One study carried out by researchers conclude that ergonomically angled and vertical mouse can improve wrist posture without negatively affecting user performance. In other words, an ergonomic mouse is simply superior to an ordinary mouse.

Picking the Best Ergonomic Mouse for YOU

Our list of the best ergonomic mice is meant to cover the wide spectrum of users and differing preferences when it comes to not just an ergonomic mouse, but mouse in general.  Read the pros and pitfalls of each mouse above carefully to see which one covers all of your needs the best.  There is no one size that fits all in the world of ergonomic design, and at the end of the day, the best ergonomic mouse is one that doesn't just conform to your body perfectly, but your work flow as well to boost productivity.

You owe it to your body to start paying serious attention to that little device that you grapple onto many hours every day. Constant pain, nerve damage, and even disability could be in the cards if we don't consider the ergonomics of the mouse we use day in and out. There is a perfect ergonomic mouse for you in our list; find it first before spending anther dime on the latest graphics card or shiny accessory for your PC.

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