The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for 2017- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Numerous studies point to the host of health hazards associated with sitting for too long, from organ damage, back and leg pain, to a shortened life span. While most of us have little say when it comes to sitting at work, choosing the best ergonomic office chair for your needs can greatly help in minimizing the damage to your body from sitting for prolonged periods.

An ergonomically designed chair is specifically made to keep our body in a comfortable position with minimal strain and to maintain good posture. Having said that, the sheer amount of conflicting information and reviews on the internet creates more confusion than clarification, which is why our experts have compiled a list of the best ergonomic office chairs on the market today. We’ve selected the very best ergonomic chair based on unique attributes that each office chair brings to the table, with cost certainly being an important factor. Each chair represents our top pick in their class, and takes into account the following key areas of each product:

  • The price
  • Your height and weight
  • The duration for which you will be using the chair daily
  • Any existing aches and pains or bad sitting habits you want to rectify with your chair
  • Whether the area you will be using the chair is carpeted or not

With these important considerations covered, this Ergonomic Chairs Buyer’s Guide lets you quickly hone in on the best, most suitable office chair for YOU. Lets jump to the reviews!

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for 2017

ProductWeightOur VerdictPriceDetails
Modway Articulate Black Mesh33 poundsBest Budget Ergonomic Office Chair$Check Price
Argomax Mesh (EM-EC001)48 poundsBest Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair$$Check Price
GM Seating Ergolux Executive66 PoundsBest Luxury Ergonomic Office Chair$$$$Check Price
Herman Miller Classic Aeron48 poundsBest Active Ergonomics Chair$$$$Check Price
Gentherm Heated and Cooled51.9 poundsBest Cooling and Heating Office Chair$$Check Price
Basyx Big and Tall52.8 poundsGreat Chair for Tall or Large people$$Check Price
TOPSKY High Back Racing Style44.1 poundsBest Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair$$Check Price
Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh66 poundsGreat Office Chair for Neck Pain$$$Check Price

1. Modway Articulate Black– Best Budget Ergonomic Office Chair

Modway Budget Office Chair RevuewIf you are looking for an ergonomically designed chair without breaking the bank, the Modway Mesh Office Chair is a prime candidate. This chair offers a great adjustability which is the hallmark of any ergonomic design, letting you alter it to your specific needs.

In addition to your typical pneumatic height and tilt adjustment, the Modway Articulate features height adjustable armrests, back and seat depth. This high level of adaptability is typically found in more upmarket chairs which this product great value for money at just $130. It features passive lumbar support, meaning the actual lumbar support mechanism cannot be adjusted, but the adjustable back means you can easily raise or lower or tilt the back to direct support where you need it the most. The lower back is a common stress point so this is definitely a welcome feature.

The chair has a mesh back allowing for easy airflow along the users back and a thick, 6 inch padded seat available in mesh or vinyl. It also has 360 swivel and five dual caster wheels forming the base, meaning you can maneuver the chair easily over carpet and avoid unnecessary strain from stretching to reach objects.

Lastly, the above 4 stars rating on Amazon confirms our consensus that users love the adjustability options offered by this chair. Some users have raised concerns over the plastic construction while others have reported durability issues over time, although these should be covered under the one year manufacturer warranty. However, the predominant opinion remains that the Modway Office Chair is one of the best value for money office chairs in the market.


  • Great adjustability with height adaptable armrests, back and seat depth.
  • Good lumbar support.
  • Breathable mesh back for easy airflow.
  • Typically positive customer reviews


  • Some customers report build quality and durability issues
  • No head rest
  • Maximum weight limit of 225 lbs is on the low side

2. Argomax Mesh (EM-EC001)– Best Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair

Argomax Mesh Chair EM-EC001 ReviewHigher up the price range, we have Argmomax’s Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair. This particular chair is probably the best value for money chair we will be discussing in this guide. The chair features a very wide variety of adjustability options making it suitable for a range of body types and usage scenarios.

The chair itself is cutting edge, with a very modern design featuring a tall, all mesh back and headrest. The back has three parts including a prominent lumbar support for the lower back, a broad high back to support the shoulders and upper back and a headrest to provide essential support to the neck during use. Adjustability options are numerous, with almost all parts of the chair being adaptable for your specific needs. The arm rests are height adjustable and swivel from side to side to provide your arms with good support as you work. The lower lumbar support can be moved up and down to provide support to the lower back along with the adjustable seat depth. The headrest can also be tilted back and forth to provide necessary support to the neck. Coupled with the broad, supportive upper back, the headrest also makes this model suitable for short naps at the full 45 degree recline. In addition to this, we have the traditional pneumatic height adjustment and tilt and lock functionality.

The chair is an all mesh affair providing good air flow making it ideal for warmer climates. It has a traditional 5 prong base with dual castors to aid mobility, although there is no word on performance on carpeted floors. The 4.4 star rating and almost entirely positive customer reviews on its Amazon page show no recurrent complaints or build quality issues. That said, there is a lot of misinformation on the page so be very careful when ordering especially with respect to the model number (this review is for the EM-EC001 model). All in all, the Argomax EM-EC001 provides high end ergonomics, an attractive design and good build quality without straining your budget.


  • Modern, aesthetically appealing design
  • High levels of adjustability including arms, headrest, lumbar support, seat depth, height and tilt.
  • Adjustability options and broad back makes it usable for larger people
  • Mesh design provides great air flow
  • Very positive customer reviews


  • Some instances of incorrect assembly instructions have been reported
  • The Amazon page has a lot of confusing information especially regarding different models.

3. GM Seating Ergolux Executive– Best Luxury Ergonomic Office Chair

GM Seating Ergolux ReviewIn the higher end part of the price spectrum, we start seeing some more high tech and luxurious options with the GM Seating Ergolux. Straight off the bat, the gorgeous design makes you feel it is worth the extra money. With a very svelte and modern approach to the traditional office chair design and finished in genuine leather, the Ergolux is amazing to look at. However, at $689 dollars it is a far more significant purchase than our earlier contenders.

The Ergolux features a full high back and headrest and a plethora of adjustment options. The 3D armrests are not only height adjustable, but also angle inwards and outwards and tilt back and forth. The seat is designed in the traditional ‘waterfall’ shape, relieving pressure from the thighs to promote blood flow while also gripping your sufficiently in the seat. Pneumatic height adjustment and a seat slide lets you optimize the seat to your preferred height and depth. The unique lumbar support is definitely worth mentioning, as it is not only striking to look at but also has height adjustability and can tilt inwards and outwards to provide optimal support to the lower back. There is the traditional tilt lock that can be set to lock in three positions and with the maximum 45 degree tilt and adjustable headrest, this chair can be used to short naps.

The bottom of the chair features the familiar five prong design with dual castors making it suitable for use on office carpets. The chrome finish of the base might be too flashy for some people’s taste though. The 4.1 start customer rating certainly acknowledges the chair’s great ergonomic design and beautiful aesthetics. However, a recurrent issue raised is misleading colour options where the white colour shown in images is more cream in person. Also, users have mentioned a more complex assembly process than other manufacturers. That said, the Ergolux provides comfort and luxury and stress free sitting thanks to its great ergonomics, making it well worth the extra price.


  • Luxurious design finished in high end leather
  • 3D armrests for an optimal fit
  • Unique lumbar support with height and depth adjustability for lower back support
  • High back and tilting headrest
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty


  • Complicated assembly process compared to competitors
  • Misleading colour information
  • Leather finish might be more luxurious, but is less breathable than mesh

4. Herman Miller Classic Aeron– Best Active Ergonomics Chair

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair ReviewThe Herman Miller Classin Aeron is considered the pinnacle of ergonomic office chair design. The chair is remarkable to look at and finished in a choice of three, understated colours. The chair uses Herman Miller’s proprietary mesh-like Pellicle material for the seat and back to make this a truly remarkable purchase. However, at $939, the chair is definitely in the high end of the price spectrum.

The Aeron features active ergonomics in contrast to the passive ergonomic design we have seen in the products so far. It provides adjustable, individual pads to provide essential support to the lower and mid back, keeping your upright to mimic a standing posture. Moreover, the seat and back have eight zones of tension, providing leeway where the body makes contact while being tight near the edges to ensure support. Pellicle also has great airflow properties making it a comfortable and cool chair to sit in. The high back ensures support to the shoulders and upper back. The tilt mechanism has also been updated to provide support across a range of postures from upright to fully reclined all at the turn of a conveniently placed swivel knob. The arms can be adjusted and tilted in all manner of directions to provide you a proper fit. The chair is available in 3 different sizes for people of different builds so do ensure you get the one which is optimal for your body type.

The Aeron has had a lot of research and development put into it to provide a truly ergonomic design that shows. The chair comes with a 12 year warranty showing the manufacturer’s confidence in their design and materials. However, for $939, the chair is certainly a considerable purchase. Moreover, customers have reported mismatched parts and complex assembly instructions which can be put down to the more complex design. That said, the Aeron has a respectable 4 star rating on Amazon and mostly positive reviews lauding the chair’s truly amazing design.


  • Beautiful design with a high focus on active ergonomics
  • Large spectrum of options and features to customize each chair to your needs
  • Breathable material prevents accumulation of sweat and heat.
  • Active ergonomics with great lumbar support
  • 12 year warranty


  • Customer’s report issues with assembly and incorrect parts
  • Headrest has to be purchased separately

5. Gentherm Heated and Cooled– Best Cooling and Heating Office Chair

Gentherm Heated and Cooled Executive Office Chair ReviewAlthough the chairs we have discussed so far reside in a wide spectrum of prices, the feature set is pretty standard with an emphasis on ergonomics and usability. The Gentherm Massage Chair adds something different to the mix, with a built in cooling and heating in the back and seat cushions, similar to features found in some high end cars. A low and high setting lets you fine tune the temperature as needed. And for sake of portability, power is supplied by a rechargeable, high capacity lithium battery instead of a more cumbersome plug.

The chair with a 20″ wide seat and tall back accommodates the entire spectrum of body shapes and sizes. The components are rated to handle up to 400 pounds. From our testing the finish is extremely plush with thick molded foam covered in leather. The side level lets you adjust the office chair’s height and tilt, and the thickly padded back seat comfortably supports your back as you lean back.

The Gentherm Office Chair is your best bet if a heated chair factors into your comfort. It’s plushy, comfortable, and large enough that you can literally sink into it. Having said that, the lack of adjustable seat depth, back height and lumbar support means it will be difficult to make it adapt to your other ergonomic needs.


  • Unique cool and heating function similar to that found in some cars
  • Plush foam and leather upholstery
  • Wide and tall seat to accommodate any body size up to 400 lbs
  • Very easy assembly


  • Lack of ergonomic options such as adjustable seat depth and height

6. Basyx Big and Tall– Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Tall or Large people

basyx by HON Big and Tall Chair ReviewMost of the office chairs we have discussed thus far have high levels of adjustment to suit people of all sizes. However, larger people tend to have a harder time sitting comfortably even in a highly adjustable chair, leading to the ‘big and tall’ chair niche.

Designed specifically for larger people, the Basyx by Hon can easily support individuals weighing up to 450 pounds and is our choice for best ergonomic chair in the big and tall category. The chair features a high, broad back to support wide shoulders and has a slew of ergonomic features. The arms are height adjustable and can also be moved inwards or outwards to a position that suits your work posture. An adjustable lumbar support provides solid support to the lower back and can be easily adjusted using the slider along the back. The chair features a mesh back for good heat transfer while the seat features a firm cushion with a sloping edge to promote blood flow to the thighs during long periods of sitting. The chair also features a knee tilt mechanism that ensures your feet remain flat on the floor even when reclining to promote good posture. In addition to these, the chair the conventional pneumatic seat height adjustment, tilt and lock mechanism, 360 degree swivel and a five caster base for easy mobility.

All in all, the Basyx proves to be an excellent chair with a good set of ergonomic options while having the capacity to support larger individuals. At $278, it is also good value for money especially with the 5 year warranty offered by the manufacturer and the rugged build quality. Reviews for the chair have been mostly positive with a 4.3 star rating on its Amazon page. That said, a common complaint is that the arm rests are too low even at full extension which is a definite flaw for a chair advertised as an ergonomic product.


  • Very sturdy design
  • Supports larger users up to 450 pounds
  • Mesh back to allow easy heat transfer
  • Adjustable lumbar support and knee tilt feature
  • 5 year warranty


  • Poor arm design
  • Lack of head rest for neck support

7. TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Gaming Office Chair– Best Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather Computer Gaming Chair ReviewWhile Topsky is a relatively unknown brand, their high back reclining gaming/office chair is a highly recommended product. The hallmark feature of this chair is the 175 degree tilt capability and built in foot rest that can make it an excellent choice for a relaxing nap. Moreover, at under $300, you get excellent value for money.

As mentioned, the highlight of this chair is the massive tilt angle that can let you lie back and extend your legs on the attached, extendable footrest. The reclining back can be locked at any position in the 90 to 175 degree range. The armrests have a very clever design allowing them to move with the back as you recline, giving you a place to rest your arms even at full tilt. Moreover, the armrests are well padded and height adjustable. In addition to this, the Topsky high back has a thick, padded back and seat with an adjustable lumbar cushion at the base of the back for additional support. The thick and broad headrest is also a great addition especially considering additional neck support required while lying back. The chair also has the familiar pneumatic height adjustment and 360 swivel with a 5 caster base for easy mobility.

With broad 4+ star rating on its Amazon page and many positive reviews, the chair certainly seems to have hit a high spot with customers. While there were quality control issue with the frame in earlier models, Topsky seems to have an excellent customer service setup with regular updates to the product to resolve user reported issues. All in all, this chair is easily the best option if you require an office chair with high reclining capabilities for comfortable napping.


  • 175 degree reclining tilt with built in foot rest
  • Clever arm design that moves the arms as the back tilts
  • Thick padding with adjustable lumbar support
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great value for money


  • Flashy design might not be the best for an office environment
  • Quality control issues reported in earlier models.

8. Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh– Great Ergonomic Chair for Neck Pain

Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh ReviewNeck pain is a common workplace problem, often induced by those hours of sitting hunched over a desk looking at the screen. Naturally, the first step to resolution is to revisit your sitting routine by making sure you sit upright and your chair is properly adjusted. If you want to go a step further, consider our choice for the best chair for relieving neck strain: the Ergohuman office chair.

The Ergohuman has a strong focus on overall ergonomics that ensures strain is removed from sensitive areas like the neck. The chair has a high back with a protruding lower lumbar support that can be easily adjusted, followed by a high, broad back and headrest to relieve stress from the neck and shoulders. The back can be reclined and locked in three positions and has the usual pneumatic height adjustment. The armrests are also adjustable in 3 directions to provide ample support to your preference. The chair features an all mesh design including the seat to provide easy heat transfer during extended periods of sitting.

All in all, the excellent adjustable ergonomic design of the Ergohuman makes it an ideal chair to relieve strain from sensitive points like the neck. The adjustable lumbar support and adjustable headrest coupled with the broad back provide you abundant support. The chair is on the higher end of the price scale, but definitely an investment worth making if sitting for extended periods is taking a toll on your health.


  • High level of adjustability provides great ergonomics
  • High back and adjustable head rest relieve stress from the neck
  • Mesh design provides great breathability
  • Available in a nice variety of colours
  • Good customer service


  • Expensive compared to other mesh office chairs
  • Some quality control issues reported


Each product reviewed is the best ergonomic office chair in its particular niche. With a great mix of prices and features, this guide is sure to help you make your purchase. That said, ergonomic design has to be complemented with good seating habits. To ensure you get the most out of your chair:

  • Use all the ergonomic features and adjust them to provide support where required
  • Keep upright and take breaks every 30 minutes or so
  • Alternate your sitting posture, with a kneeling stool for example
  • Keep the incline at 100 to 110 degrees while working and avoid slouching

Happy sitting!


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