Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $100- Low Budget but High Quality

If you’re on a shoestring budget, finding a quality ergonomic office chair that won’t break your back nor the bank can seem next to impossible. The market in the sub $100 range for office chairs is littered with poorly constructed junk that are not only uncomfortable to sit in, but will quickly break down on you and end up hogging space in the garage in short order. In that case you’re not saving money; you’re just wasting it.

In this buyer’s guide, I took it as a challenge to find the absolute best ergonomic chairs money can buy for under $100. These chairs may not come with an extensive list of adjustable features, but they must all pass my 3 main criteria for an excellent budget office chair- durable, comfortable, and whenever possible a decent warranty to cover your investment if you’re not happy.

Here are the five ergonomic office chairs under $100 in 2018 (prices subject to change) that made the cut.

All Budget Chairs at a Glance

Furmax Mid Back265 pounds30 days refund, 6 months warranty.Best ultra budget chair with good lumbar support and buildCheck Price
Jumei Mesh250 pounds3 Years warrantyExcellent high back Mesh chair with retractable armrestsCheck Price
Flash Furniture High-Back250 pounds2 Years warrantyHighly functional with adjustable headrest and padded retractable armrestsCheck Price
AmazonBasics High-Back250 pounds1 Year warrantyComfortable, leather upholstered chair with good back coverageCheck Price
AmazonBasics Mid-Back225 pounds1 Year warrantyBest mid back faux leather chair for under $70Check Price

BestOffice Leather
250 pounds6 months warrantySoft PU leather and contemporary design punches above its weightCheck Price
Furmax Gaming280 pounds30 days refund, 6 months warranty.Best ultra budget gaming chairCheck Price

1. Furmax Mid Back Lumbar Office Chair

Bottom Line: Excellent Build Quality with Good Lumbar Support and Choice of 4 Colors

If you’re looking for a no frills ergonomic office chair that’s built to last and with decent lumbar support, you simply can’t go wrong with the Furmax Mid Back Office Chair. With an ultra affordable price tag that comes in well below $100 (check latest price), this is an office chair you can buy in bulk for all of the rooms in your home or office.

As a testament to the quality of the chair, the Furmax Office Chair is BIMA certified, meaning it passed various rigorous testing for function, quality, and sustainability. The manufacturer offers a 30 money back guarantee, plus 6 months damaged or missing parts replacement. This is a rarity in the under $100 category for office chairs.

Lets talk ergonomics now. The Furmax Office Chair comes with a breathable mesh backrest and two wedge shaped lumbar pieces to cradle your back. Many users love this design, saying it has helped tremendously with their back pain. Being a mid back office chair however, the Furmax lacks a headrest, something you should consider if you like to tilt your neck and heads backwards often.

With a backrest that’s 18.9″ tall and a generous seat size of 19.7” x 19.7”, the chair is large enough to accommodate even big users. It has a weight limit of 265 lbs. The chair is height-adjustable, though unfortunately the same can’t be said for the armrests. You are stuck with the preset height and straight angle of the armrests.

The Furmax Office Chair is simple, dependable, and ultra affordable. And those are all great qualities in an office chair.


  • Durable construction that passes BIMA standards
  • Wedge shaped lumbar support that many users have found to be excellent
  • Thick, large seat
  • Ultra affordable.


  • Lack of dedicated headrest.
  • Armests not adjustable and made of plastic

2. Jumei Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair

Jumei Adjustable High Back Mesh Executive Desk Chair ReviewBottom Line: Excellent high back Mesh chair with padded headrest, curved backrest, and retractable armrests.

For one of the best all-around ergonomic office chair in the $100 category, look no further than the Jumei High Back Office Chair. It comes with most of the adjustable features you’d be happy to find in a budget ergonomic chair, even at the $200 or $300 range.

The gently curved backrest on the Jumei follows the shape of your spine nicely, and the mesh material allows ventilation even after prolonged contact. A basic lumbar stripe supports your waist, though unfortunately it’s rather flimsy compared to higher end chairs.

I really like the padded headrest found on the Jumei; it is large and comfortable to rest your head on. Not everyone needs a headrest in an office chair, but it’s a good option to have if you tend to lean back often.

While the padding on the headrest is more than adequate, sadly the same can’t be said for the seat itself. It’s rather thin and firm, and if you are on the heavier side, may experience sagging overtime. The problem seem to mainly affect people over 200 lbs, though a DIY remedy is to throw another cushion on top of the seat if you find it uncomfortable.

One interesting design choice of the Jumei Office Chair are the foldable armrests. They can flip up all the way into a vertical position. This is actually more useful than you may think. Firstly, it means you can tuck the chair underneath your desk to save space when it’s not in use. With the arms out of the way, it also lets you perform tasks that require a large footprint with ease, such as playing the guitar or even having someone sit next to you in the chair temporarily.

With a 300 weight capacity and 1 year warranty, the Jumei is high up on our list for the best ergonomic chair with a headrest.


  • Comfortable Padded headrest
  • Gently curved and breathable backrest
  • Backseat tilts and reclines
  • Hefty 1 year warranty
  • Retractable Armrests to tuck chair under desk when not in use.


  • Some may find mesh back too flexible.
  • Mediocre construction with lots of plastic parts.

3. Flash Furniture High Back Adjustable Headrest Chair

Flash Furniture High Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair ReviewBottom Line: Highly functional ergonomic chair with adjustable headrest and padded retractable armrests

Flash Furniture’s High Back Office Chair skeletal and oddly shaped design reminds me of the extraterrestrial ET, though all of the parts do come together to produce a highly functional ergonomic office chair.

The standout feature of this budget chair is the adjustable headrest, which moves up and down by pulling a center knob to match the exact area of your neck and head that needs support. This feature is more often found on higher end office chairs, and is especially helpful for people suffering from neck pain.

The padded armrests on the Flash Furniture Chair are extremely comfortable, and can retract vertically similar to the OWLN Chair we reviewed above to stow away underneath the desk. If your room is small, this actually comes in real handy.

To minimize pressure on your legs when you sit, the Flash Furniture chair features a waterfall shaped seat that rounds off at the front edge. The cushions are reasonably firm and comfortable, with a maximum body weight of 250 pounds.

One dilemma you may have at this point if you’re considering this Flash Furniture High Back Chair is its similarity to the Jumei Office Chair. The two are almost identical in price, with the biggest difference being the height adjustable headrest with the Flash Furniture Chair. If you suffer from neck pain that need precise, contoured neck support, than the Flash Furniture is probably a better choice.


  • Excellent height adjustable bucket headrest
  • Well padded armrests that are retractable to save space
  • Attractive chrome plated 5 star base for a contemporary look
  • 30 day money back gaurantee


  • Some users find the fabric on the seat very rough
  • Armests not height adjustable.

4. AmazonBasics High-Back Leather Executive Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair ReviewBottom Line: Fully leather upholstered, comfortable curved armrests and Amazon no-hassle 1 year warranty.

This chair is a bestseller on Amazon, and not just because it has the backing of the company. Customers are overall very satisfied with the comfortable leather upholstery and generous back, arm, and seat padding. The sides of the chair hug the user, while the bucket seat supports the legs. For a leather office chair that costs around $100, this is probably as good as you can get.

I love the curved padded armrests on the AmazonBasics Executive Chair, which unlike cold plastic armrests are very comfortable to rest your arms on. The armrests are situated around 8″ up from the seat of the chair, and 28″ off the ground when the chair is fully raised. The metal-colored armrests and base of the chair contrast with the black bonded leather, projecting the look and feel of the captain’s chair of a starship.

In terms of adjustability, the AmazonBasics Executive seat can be raised from a low 17.5″ up to 20″ tall.  A handle lets you enable or disable tilt on the chair, and the level of tilt resistance as well.

Like most AmazonBasics products, there is a generous 1 year limited warranty on the AmazonBasics Executive Leather Chair. This long and no frills warranty is a good reason in itself to give this chair a shot if you’re on the fence.


  • Comfortable leather cushioning and padded armrests.
  • Adjustable tilt and tension control
  • Easy assembly — tool is included
  • Backed by Amazon’s 1 year no hassle limited warranty


  • Some issues with thin bonded leather over time
  • No dedicated headrest

5. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office chair ReviewBottom Line: The best mid back leather chair you can get below $70.

Amazon is demonstrating the ability to both sell and produce in house products consumers love, using the AmazonBasics brand. Coming from the e-commerce titan, one of the biggest upside of the AmazonBasics Mid Back chair is the top-notch customer service you can expect, plus industry leading 1 year limited warranty.

This Mid Back Office Chair is upholstered in bonded leather, which should give you the look and feel of a highend office chair. The padded frame provides good arm and mid-back support on a bucket seat designed for all-day comfort. Features include a rockable backrest and an adjustable height, measured 16″ at its lowest to 21” from the top of the seat.when fully lengthened.

However, being a budget chair, the materials used on this chair are mostly plastic and faux leather. The build quality is decent, though don’t expect a chair that will last you for years. If the frame doesn’t give way, most likely the upholstery will wear out first.


  • Backed by Amazon’s strong customer service
  • Comfortable leather padding


  • Low maximum weight limit of 225 pounds.
  • Only height and tilt adjustable
  • Basic materials used

6. BestOffice Leather High-Back Office Chair

BestOffice Leather High-Back Office Chair ReviewBottom Line: Reasonably good budget chair, comfortable PU leather and sturdy design makes it look and feel a lot more than it is worth

This budget office chair is made of water- and oil-resistant PU leather, exuding sophistication befitting the throne of a corporate magnate. While the material is comfortable and low-maintenance, it may not be as breathable as mesh chairs (but at least you’ll look important). The chair comes in a choice of three popular colors: black, white, or brown. It is easy to assemble, although there have been concerns with the screws popping out over time.

With a seat height of 19–23” and a seat size of 22” x 21”, the chair has a weight limit of 250 lbs and a sturdy design that provides excellent back and arm support. Pushing a lever located to the side of the chair prevents or allows the chair to recline, while a tension knob controls the tilt tension. The chair is height-adjustable, with a nicely curved armrest that lets your hand gently fall off when at rest.

Overall the BestOffice Executive Chair is a decent leather office chair with basic ergonomics built in. The build quality as with most chairs under $100 is not the best though acceptable, and is backed by a 30 day warranty to further assure you.


  • Water- and oil-resistant PU leather
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy, good back and arm support
  • Aesthetically well-designed
  • 30 day warranty


  • Non-adjustable armrests and backrest
  • Some issues reported with screws
  • Base imbalanced at higher weights
  • Seat padding is firm rather than plush

7. Furmax Executive Gaming Office Chair

7. Furmax Executive Gaming Office Chair ReviewBottom Line: Armrests and seat are comfortably padded for high-back ergonomic support when working or gaming

Great customer service is essential for any business, and Furmax takes its customer service seriously — the chair has a 30-day return guarantee and six-month free replacement policy. Reviewers have found these services very prompt and reliable, like that best friend you can always call…to send you chair parts.

As for the chair, its height goes from a low 18.1 to 21.2″ in height, more than adequate for most uses. The chair can be rocked back and forth from 90–120° (though can’t be locked in), and supports a weight limit of 280 lbs.  

The curved and leather-padded armrests are a nice touch and support the arms to prevent chronic hand injuries.

For a budget chair under $100, the Furmax gaming chair is surprisingly opulent. The PU leather material feels good, and doesn’t emit a strange chemical odor like many faux leather chairs. Reviewers have found the chair to be as comfortable as ergonomic chairs sold by well-known brands, a strong endorsement for a budget chair. However, the fixed headrest meant to help with neck pain may be uncomfortable for adults taller than 6’, whose head won’t be entirely covered by the backrest. The height of the entire backrest is 28.7″.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Decent quality PU leather material
  • Nicely padded, curved armrests
  • 30 day money back and 6 months replacement guarantee


  • Fixed headrest is not ideal for people over 6′ tall.
  • Few instances of assembly difficulties

Which Sub $100 Ergonomic Office Chair will you Choose?

An ergonomic office chair with all its adjustable parts and materials is a complex piece of equipment. This is why they are usually an expensive purchase. Having said that, due to cut throat competition in the space, there are still decent office chairs to be found in the lower end price range, even below $100 as I’ve reviewed here.

Which budget office chair to pick depends on your needs. Is durability your #1 concern? What about price? Do you need a headrest, tall back or adjustable armrests? Do you live in a hot climate that forgoes faux or PU leather as the primary material? Each individual is different, and in this guide, I’ve tried to review the best chairs that take into account each of these important categories.

If you’re on a tight budget, I hope you’ve found the chair reviews in this guide helpful in finding a low cost but quality ergonomic chair. And if you’re a gamer, check out our reviews of the best gaming chairs under $100. Considering the amount of time all of us spend sitting down, your budget shouldn’t determine whether you can get a comfortable, ergonomic chair that won’t leave your body with aches at the end of each day.

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