The Best Ergonomic Sling Bags for Men 2018- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Literally millions of us use a backpack for work or school everyday, not knowing just how bad they are in general for our posture and back. A rising trend is the switch over to sling bags. These fashionable bags are designed specifically for long term comfort and ergonomics, by distributing their weight evenly across your entire upper body. They can be worn in a plethora of ways, such as across the shoulders, in the front, or as a traditional backpack over one shoulder.

The ability to easily alter the bag’s wearing style, quick access to the bag’s contents by bringing it to the front on demand, plus ergonomic design of the straps make sling bags the more intelligent, comfortable choice for almost anyone that currently owns a backpack.

We’ve reviewed and compiled the 8 best ergonomic sling bags for men based on different needs you may have, whether it’s for work, school, to go hiking with, or for carrying your laptop and other electronics.

Here are our 8 best ergonomic sling bags picks for men for 2018.

Sling BagAvailable ColorsVerdictDetails
Under Armour Compel Sling 2.0Black, Graphite plus PinkBest Sling Backpack for 15" LaptopsCheck Price
Magictodoor Travel BackpackBlack, Gray, BlueBest compact Slingbag for iPad and Small ElectronicsCheck Price
Polare Real Leather Sling BagArmy Green, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red BrownStylish, Real Leather Sling BagCheck Price
Leaper Cross Body Messenger BagArmy Green, Black, Dark Blue, KhakiSling Bag with most Choices in Sizes and ColorsCheck Price
WATERFLY Packable Shoulder BackpackBlue, Pink, Black, Olive, Orange, PurpleFoldable, Ultra Compact Sling Bag for Hiking and TravelCheck Price
SEEU Plus Oversized Sling BackpackBlack, Gray, Blue, Deep PinkUltra Large 28 Liter Sling BackpackCheck Price
AmeriBag Classic Distressed Back BagBlack, Brown, TaupeFashionable Slingbag with Adjustable Strap and lots of PocketsCheck Price
Men’s Tactical Hydration Sling BackpackBlackBest Sling Bag for Hunting and OutdoorsCheck Price

1. Under Armour Compel Sling 2.0– Best Sling Backpack for 15″ Laptops

Under Armour Compel Sling 2.0 Backpack ReviewBottom Line: One of the few sling bags large enough to fit a 15” laptop, making it ideal for someone who needs an ergonomic carrying bag for work or school.

Under Armour is a well-known company for a reason. They have been around for a while and produce high-quality products that are functional, affordable, and durable. Their Compel Sling 2.0 Backpack is a great example of that.

In terms of size, this sling bag is 19″ x 13″ x 6″ and its computer pocket is large enough to fit a 15” laptop computer. Its main compartment provides you with plenty of space to take what you need with you for the day, and several smaller compartments and pockets that help you keep everything organized and easy-to-reach.


  • Large padded laptop compartment that fits up to a 15” laptop
  • Water bottle holder
  • Excellent weight distribution to prevent back and shoulder strain
  • Adjustable, padded strap for maximum comfort
  • Water repellent to protect your things even in bad weather


  • Thin outer layer.
  • Not reversible, can only go over the right shoulder.

2. Magictodoor Sling Bag Travel Backpack– Best compact Slingbag for iPad and Small Electronics

Magictodoor Sling Bag Travel Backpack ReviewBottom Line: Great slingbag for protecting your valuables, with its RFID-blocking pocket and waterproof material.

With its 6 compartments, this sling bag has a place for all of your various items while keeping them separated for easy retrieval. It comes with a RFID-blocking pocket where you can keep your credit cards safe.

It’s worth pointing out the compartments are on the small side (the largest will fit some 13” laptop computers), though that translates into a portable sling bag you can easily carry around wherever you may go.

The Magictodoor sling bag can be worn over your left or right shoulder, which further helps keep your back from getting sore. This goes for whether you’re wearing it slung on one shoulder or cross-body.


  • 6 compartments to keep all kinds of items slowed away neatly.
  • RFID-blocking pocket for your valuable electronics and credit cards.
  • Waterproof material protects whatever you’re carrying
  • Lightweight so it won’t drag you down
  • Ergonomic, padded straps to prevent back and shoulder pain
  • Comes with 100% lifetime guarantee


  • Cannot fit larger laptop computers

3. Polare Cool Real Leather Cross Body Sling Bag– Stylish, Real Leather Sling Bag

Polare Cool Real Leather Cross Body Sling Bag reviewBottom Line: If fashion and utility are both important to you, this sling bag is the one to get. Made with real Italian leather.

Although its 18.9” x 10.6” x 3.1” size doesn’t allow for carrying a large number of items or bigger items, this bag is made with high-quality leather that is imported from Italy, so you know you’ll be slinging in style. The leather material is also more durable than polyester, giving it longevity.

The Polare Cool Sling Bag features a number of pockets and compartments so that there’s a place for all kinds of items, such as your cell phone, wallet, headphones, and more. It’s the perfect sling bag for the fashion conscious man.


  • Made with high-quality real Italian leather
  • Strap is adjustable and can quickly be unclipped
  • Detachable pocket for when you need easy access to your most important things
  • Expandable with zipper to provide more room as needed
  • Comes with 1-year quality warranty


  • Too small for laptop computers
  • More expensive compared to other ergonomic sling bags

4. Leaper Cross Body Messenger Bag– Sling Bag with most Choices in Sizes and Colors

Leaper Cross Body Messenger Bag ReviewBottom Line: 10 different pockets and a large variety of sizes and colors makes this one of the most versatile sling bag product on the market.

The Leaper Cross Body Messenger Bag comes at you with a variety of sizes and over 19 different colors, making it great for people who like to customize their accessory.

The largest size is 10.2” x 13.6” x 4.4” and can fit a 13” laptop computer. The medium size is 9.4” x 12.4” x 3.4” and can fit a 10” tablet. The smallest size is 6.8” x 13.7” x 1.9”, and makes a great lightweight companion for small shopping trips or for carrying personal items with you.


  • Huge selection of sizes and color choices.
  • Clip on strap makes switching sides fast and easy
  • Durable canvas material protects whatever you put inside
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long-term use
  • Beautifully-accented with leather straps and buckles


  • Cannot fit laptops larger than 13”
  • Not waterproof

5. WATERFLY Packable Shoulder Backpack– Foldable, Ultra Compact Sling Bag for Hiking and Travel

Bottom Line: Waterproof for protecting your valuables while packable for maximum portability.

This shoulder backpack was specifically designed for hiking, but don’t let that keep you from using it to get around the city, especially if you’re worried about inclement weather. It’s also great for travelers who only want to bring a few things with them on day trips.

It has a smaller capacity compared to some other sling bags on this list, at just 11.4” x 16.9” x 4.7” but has enough space to protect a few valuables. What really sets this bag apart is its ability to be folded into a small carrying pouch, so you can pull it out just when you need it.


  • Waterproof so none of your valuables will be damaged by rain
  • Lightweight which means minimal strain on your back
  • Optional waist belt that keeps it in place while running or walking
  • Can be worn comfortably on your back or chest
  • Very affordable


  • Too small for computers and larger cell phones
  • Nylon fabric may not be incredibly durable

6. SEEU Plus Oversized Sling Backpack– Ultra Large 28 Liter Sling Backpack

Seeu Oversized Sling Bag for Men ReviewBottom Line: For people who need a lot of carrying space, this massive sling bag is the best option with nearly twice as much space as other sling bags.

With an over 28-liter capacity, you won’t have to pick and choose what you take with you. It will also work for a variety of purposes, whether you’re a student needing to carry around a number of books, or heading on a business trip and want to limit your luggage.

This bag was designed with the human body in mind, which is why the wide straps are designed to work with your body to keep the sling bag in position and comfortably distributing the weight. Unless you’re carrying bricks in the sling bag, you’ll hardly notice you’re even wearing it.


  • Can fit up to a 14” laptop computer in the laptop pouch
  • Has 8 pockets so you can keep everything organized
  • Is made to last so you can use it for years without it falling apart on you
  • Easy-to-adjust strap so you can get the right fit
  • Ergonomic so it stays comfortable no matter how long you wear it


  • Not reversible
  • Lacks small pockets for smaller items

7. AmeriBag Classic Distressed Nylon Healthy Back Bag– Fashionable Slingbag with Adjustable Strap and lots of Pockets

AmeriBag Classic Distressed Bag ReviewBottom Line: Made to keep your back from getting sore, this sling bag is able to be worn in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

When it comes to style and everyday utility, the Ameribag is a household name, but that’s far from the only thing going for it. It’s designed to fit your back and hung in such a way that won’t stress your back or shoulders, making it easy to carry with you all day if necessary.

This bag also has a number of zipper pockets both outside and inside, so you can keep all of your things organized and grab them quickly and easily whenever you need them. Its 18.1” x 11” x 7.1” capacity means you can fit a number of valuables inside with room to spare.


  • Machine washable so you can easily keep it clean
  • Weatherproof material protects your belongings
  • Lightweight so it doesn’t drag you down
  • Can be worn over the shoulder or across your chest


  • Cannot fit most laptop computers

8. Men’s Tactical Hydration Sling Backpack– Best Sling Bag for Hunting and Outdoors

Men's Tactical Hydration Sling Backpack ReviewBottom Line: Heavy duty sling backpack with hydration bladder to keep you hydrated at all times.

What makes this sling bag truly unique and incredibly useful is the dedicated pocket designed specifically for a 2-liter water bladder to keep you hydrated at all times. There is also a space for a water tube to make it as easy as possible for you to consume your water frequently.

It also has a number of clips and straps so you can add on extra pouches and storage as needed, making the amount you can take with you endless. This bag is designed for outdoor and hiking use, but would work for anyone looking for a sturdy bag that can handle anything.


  • Ultra durable construction.
  • Has option for water bottle storage or water bladder storage to keep you hydrated
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort
  • Numerous pockets for easy organization


  • Can only be worn over the right shoulder
  • Can only fit a small laptop.

Are You Ready to Get into the Sling?

No matter what you’re planning on using your sling bag for, you’ll want one that is not only functional, but also practical. Use this best sling bags guide for men to quickly find an ergonomic sling bag that not only works for what you need it for, but that also stays comfortable no matter how long you wear it.

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