10 Best Online Ergonomics Training Courses to Improve your Health at Work

Looking to improve the health of your employees or your own at work? Boost productivity? Cut down on health care costs and claims? Consider enrolling in an good ergonomics training course.

As a working professional, most of us probably spend long, sometimes arduous hours at the desk. Often times, these long hours are combined with hunched shoulders, a protruding neck, and inactive glutes and hamstrings from sitting all day. Overtime poor ergonomics may even lead to permanent musculoskeletal ailments. A great way to alleviate these symptoms is by practicing proper ergonomic techniques. Ergonomics refers to the efficiency and comfort in a working environment, normally through proper office design and working technique.

When it comes to ergonomic training, there are different types of courses you can take. Some universities offer programs that let you get fully certified as an ergonomics specialist, though unless you intend to pursue a career in ergonomics, that’s overkill for most people. For the rest of us whose goal is merely to improve our health and productivity at the office, there are many really great online ergonomics training courses that cost a mere fraction of a full program, and more importantly, can be completed in just a few hours or days.

In this post I’ll show you 10 of the best ergonomics training courses online you should get for you and your employees. All of them are video based for easy consumption anywhere with a computer or smart phone, cost efficient, and come highly recommended by hundreds of very happy students.

Here is a detailed list of the best ergonomic training courses online today:

1. Posturecise Create Healthy Posture Habits for Life

The negative effects of poor posture are far reaching, from poor circulation, breathing problems, constant fatigue, muscle aches, to even a negative effect on your career and social life.

Posturecise is one of the most popular at-home training course for improving your posture, all without requiring a trip to the gym. It includes posture tutorials involving floor postural movements, chair postural movements and positioning, and standing posture fixes, as well as applications for real and working life.

This on demand video course is broken into 40 easy to learn and understand lectures, all of which can be watched on either a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Learn a new posture while you’re on the bus, during your lunch break, or just before bed.

Key benefits of the Posturecise ergonomics program:

  • Clear path to better posture in just 21 days
  • Master 21 posture movements, from floor, seated, to standing
  • Master the ability to stand tall, feel less stiff, and increase flexibility
  • Learn the skills to perform quality posture movements for life!

2. Forward Head Posture: Cause & Cure

In this modern day of laptops and smart phones, many of us suffer from the ugly forward head posture. Apart from looking unsightly, overtime this can lead to degenerative disc disease and debilitating neck pain.

“Forward Head Posture: Cause and Cure” dives into the cause, ergonomics, symptoms, and treatment for forward head posture, as outlined by Dr. Paula Moore. Within this ninety minute training course, students are taught how to identify and correct forward head posture by rewiring old habits and introducing healthier habits that allow your body to maintain its ideal alignment over a long period of time.

Dana Simpon, a former student, had this to say after completing the course:

“This video was very insightful to me as my chiropractor hadn’t explained anything regarding how to correct forward neck. I will use the things I learned to improve my posture.”

3. Sit Less Move More: Office Desk Exercises To Improve Posture

Most of us suffer from some degree of back and neck pain due to sitting for too long. “Sit Less Move More” is one of the best ergonomic courses to teach you how to break free from the viscous cycle of slowly killing yourself from prolonged sitting everyday. It accomplishes this with active sitting techniques, office friendly exercises, and practical office ergonomic solutions that will transform the way you work for better health and productivity.

“Sit Less Move More” covers the entire body for better ergonomics as it teaches you how to be active even while you sit. It begins with a bodily overview and works its way down, from exercises that target the head and neck, shoulders, mid-back, lower back and pelvis (hips), down to the legs. There is no body part that is not covered. If you work in an office job where sitting occupies a good part of your day, this is one of the few ergonomic courses you must get.

Venkata, a former student of the course, shared this about the course:

“Awesome experience. Paula is amazing. She gave the exact solution for my ever [present] issue of sitting posture at work. So simple with great effect and results. I recommend everyone to take this course to build confidence at your work place”

4. Stress Management: 40+ easy ways to deal with stress

Whether you’re an office worker, entrepreneur, or even stay at home mom, chances are, you are confronted with stress more often than you want to. The truth is, stress itself isn’t a problem, but how you deal with it that either negatively affects you or not.

“Stress Management: 40+ Easy Ways to Deal with Stress” teaches you 40 awesome ways to deal with and mitigate stress as they come. Learn about the different types of stress, and the most appropriate action to take to neutralize them. With over 40 techniques available, there is one that will work the best for you.

The training course is broken down into several sections:

  • Stress analysis, where the student will learn where stress comes from, what it does, different types of internal and external stressors, etc.
  • Learn four different primary methods of dealing with stress, also known as “Relief Strategies.” These relief strategies have ten concrete examples per method, and really delve into the ability to get the most out of each relief strategy.
  • Encourages the student to come up with their own ideas and methods to managing stress, so that they have even more tools in their tool belt.

All techniques and information are influenced and backed by scientific data and research. A student Omri had this to say about the course:

“This course has enlightened me to manage stress in new ways. It has also made me realize that certain stress reduction methods are not only for certain people.”

5. Complete Stretching: 30+ Exercises For Flexibility & Posture

Stretching offers a wide range of health benefits without the risk of injury that other types of exercises may entail. It is also highly accessible, and can easily be done between breaks at the office.

For anyone looking for proper guidance on how to stretch to get the most benefits, “Complete Stretching: 30+ Exercises” is the training course for you . This video course requires only fifteen minutes per day for maximum results, and can be performed from anywhere that has access to a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. All that is required of you is an open mind and a yoga mat (or rug).

With this ergonomic stretching course you will:

  • Improve your posture and flexibility
  • Learn how to stretch properly for muscle growth
  • Know the difference between dynamic and static stretches, and when to implement either
  • Learn how to correctly warm up before stretching
  • The right stretches for all muscle groups
  • The knowledge of safe stretching and correct form

The length of the course is just perfect, at 60 minutes, as a student John Seed wrote:

“A short, concise and to-the-point course. Simple videos show you what to do without any extra padding and they are very easy to perform.”

6. Office Health A-Z™: Posture, Ergonomics, Vision, Food & More

Looking for a well balanced, comprehensive course on office ergonomics and health to benefit your employees or yourself at the office? Office Health A-Z is the course you need to get. Created by an ergonomics specialist and data scientist, this intensive program teaches you about the largest health mistakes in the workplace and how to correct them. Learn useful exercises to tackle postural mistakes, valuable tips on taking care of your eyes, diet and nutritional tips while at work, and much much more. A certificate of completion is given at the course for those that need it.

7. Your Shoulder & Neck Pain Solution, Over 7,200 Students

If you suffer from upper back, shoulder or neck pain, it may feel like a lifetime sentence. This highly acclaimed course gives you tools to transform pain into free movement, in turn, freeing you of pain. By changing the way you sit, move, and respond to neck and shoulder pain, you can slowly mitigate it.

Most pain, especially in the upper body, occurs and stays because of our posture. Improper posture — such as hunching shoulders, a protruding neck, tight forearms, and a strained neck — will cause physical musculoskeletal ailments over time, especially if these improper movements are not caught and rectified in a timely manner. “Your Shoulder & Neck Pain Solution” teaches you the importance of daily practice for proper posture, among many other crucial tips.

To see tangible results from this course, all you need is 20 minutes a day, with 2 10 minute sessions you can practice separately. A total of ten lectures together give you all the essential tools you need to relieve shoulder and neck pain on your own.

8. The Sitting Solutions For The Busy Professional

Sitting Solutions is one of the best online courses for anyone that spends an inordinate amount of time sitting, by teaching you and your employees various innovative solutions to counteract the negative effects of sitting. Developed and taught by Dr. Michael Weir, a chiropractic doctor specializing in chiropractic neurology, the course includes 2.5 hours of practical advice, exercise routines, and small adjustments to our daily sitting routine that will make all the difference.

In this science backed course, you will learn:

  • Specific mobility drills, stretches, and exercises to deal with stressors involved with sitting for long periods of time
  • Simple mobilization patterns, which increase transformations on how your upper neck and neck feel daily
  • Understanding the methods used to feel great time and again through proper functionality
  • Learn why sitting in of itself increases stress on the body and can impair our internal organs
  • Learn why movement is natural and why we, as human beings, are made for constant motion in our daily lives
  • Understand how to stay in tune with our bodies and read its overall status via stress signals and more
  • Discover one simple “pattern interrupt” that can activate the entire power of the program in a matter of hours

Dr. Michael Weir’s ergonomic course was designed with the busy professional in mind. It’s broken down into forty-four lectures and thirteen different categories to undo the damage of sitting in all areas of your body, from your neck, upper, mid to low back, to your hips and legs.

9. 365 Breathing Zones: Simple Breathing Techniques for Stress

Experienced yogis and meditation practitioners have been using the power of breathing for centuries to improve their health, focus their minds, and reduce stress all at the same time. Very few ergonomic courses dive deep into the subject of breathing as “365 Breathing Zones” does. This is an unique ergonomics course whose sole purpose is to help the busy working professional tap into the power of breathing for stress management and better health.

This course has no prior requirements, and boasts these benefits:

  • Understand how to manage stress with easy breathing techniques
  • Learn how the body automatically responds to change
  • Learn the physiological adaptations of the autonomic nervous system to breath changes
  • See immediate change in overall stress levels, mood, and much more

The course includes forty-two lectures spread over three hours of video material, which can be accessed virtually anywhere with a mobile device or laptop. A student Beck had this to say about the ergonomic breathing course:

“This has taught me so much. I have been practicing and I truly notice the difference. Calmer, more at peace and more in balance.”

10. Mindfulness Made Easy! | A Practical Guide to Mindfulness

Just like breathing, practicing mindfulness is a highly beneficial yet often overlooked method for improving our health and decreasing our overall stress. Mindfulness Made Easy! is one of the most highly acclaimed, easy to follow course on mastering the practice of mindfulness. It consists of simple and easy to grasp modules on injecting mindfulness practices in your daily life to decrease stress and anxiety levels, all the while increasing your productivity, focus, and well being.

All that’s required to take this course is an open and susceptible mind, as well as ten minutes per day. The curriculum spans over fifteen days, in which you will learn among other things:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Returning your Attention to the Present
  • Building Concentration
  • Cultivating Body Awareness
  • Practicing Mindful Listening
  • Deepen body awareness and relaxation using the mindful body-scan technique
  • Cultivating Care for Others

With a near perfect 4.9/5 star user reviews, students who have taken this course haven’t been shy to share how much it has benefited them:

“This course by Jeremy is perfect. Jeremy covers areas that others either miss, or gloss over, and Jeremy covers them in a calm, friendly and engaging way.” – Alexander Everhart

“This is the best way to learn mindfulness, all the instruction is there, Jeremy is charismatic and communicates clearly. What I like about it is that there is no “wrong” or “failure” the teacher is very encouraging so it is a very positive experience that encompasses all you need to know.” – Matt Bowden

When we are stuck in bad routines and postures for such a long time, unlearning them can take a long time without the proper guidance. That is where ergonomic training courses can come into play. All the ergonomic training courses listed above are designed to eradicate your bad habits, and instead reinforce better posture, habits, works environments, and more. Start investing in your own health and your employees’ today.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, although I only promote services I genuinely feel will positively impact my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.

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