Best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrests (June 2018 Reviews)

Ultimate comfort, quality relaxation, sprawling luxury. No chair design exudes these traits like the reclining chair, which can be found in first class cabins and higher-end movie theaters.

Reclining chairs are generously padded and have an adjustable headrest and footrest for whole-body support and angling for optimal comfort. Ergonomic and multi-functional, they also offer a a much greater range of recline, with the footrest supporting the lower limbs in a reclined position.

Here’s my list of the best reclining chairs with footrests in 2018 that offer ergonomic support while letting you choose between work and play. And for outdoor use, check out my guide on the best zero gravity reclining chairs you should check out.

Best Reclining Office Chairs at a Glance

ProductMax ReclineWeightVerdictDetails
Songmics High Back150 degrees55.6 poundsBest overall reclining office chair for most peopleCheck Price
Respawn-110130 degrees51.8 poundsBest bonded leather reclining gaming chair for the moneyCheck Price
Hbada Mesh150 degrees38.8 poundsGreat all mesh reclining chair that is breathable.Check Price
Merax Inno 180 degrees65 poundsExcellent executive style napping chair.Check Price
Flash Furniture130 degrees56 poundsEasy swivel recliner with ottomanCheck Price

1. Songmics High Back Executive Swivel Chair

Bottom line: Easy-to-assemble and well-padded multipurpose reclining chair with footrest

Songmics High Back Executive Swivel Chair ReviewThis black reclining chair sets itself apart from high-back executive swivel chairs with its footrest, which provides more support and comfort for your legs whether you’re working, relaxing, or napping. The non-deformable polyurethane foam padding supports your neck AND your back so you don’t have to settle out of court for 20 bucks (Friday anyone?). The bilaterally arched pads, waterfall seat, and padded armrests provide great ergonomic support for the upper and lower limbs as well as the back.

Adjustable aspects of the chair include a lumbar pillow that can be positioned anywhere on the backrest, seat height that goes all the way up to 22.25 inches, footrest that can be pulled out, and a reclining backrest that can recline at a maximum angle of 150 degrees. When the backrest is down, the armrests lowers as well, letting your arms rest easily when napping.

I love that the height-adjustable lumbar support cushion that be removed from the chair when you don’t need it. Some users have noted that the footrest — which connects to the chair via two metal bars — is the least stable part of the otherwise well-build chair, and that its height once pulled out cannot be adjusted.

Songmics’ reclining chair has a seat height of 19.13–22.25 inches, a backrest height of 29.88 inches, and a total height of 45.63–49.63 inches. It can support up to 331 pounds on a five-pointed base with PU casters, with two extra casters included. In addition to meeting BIFMA safety and quality standards, customers have found that the chair was easy to assemble.


  • Sturdy chair with relatively wide recline range and high weight capacity
  • Smart armrests that lowers as you recline for good ergonomics
  • BIFMA safety certified that ensures an overall quality chair.


  • Footrest isn’t as stable as the chair body
  • Lumbar support cushion may be too thick for some people.

2. Respawn-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Bottom line: Best bonded leather reclining gaming chair for the money

Respawn-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair ReviewWhether you’re in a race in Need for Speed or a race to meet a deadline Respawn-110’s gaming chair provides excellent ergonomic support while letting you take a power nap in between. This chair provides one of the very best values in a reclining office chair that just happens to suit gamers as well with the flamboyant style and colors. The chair is available in blue, grey, green, or white variants.

Like the Songmics chair, the footrest in the Respawn-110 can be pulled out but its height cannot be adjusted. The chair can be reclined and locked at any position between 90–130 degrees. This is an awesome feature that lets you find the most comfortable angle to stretch your back, read the newspaper, or even take a nap. At 130 degrees, your body is almost horizontal, allowing you to doze off with ease.

The head and lumbar support cushions are attached to the chair via clips and can be removed if you wish to rely simply on the contoured segmented padding for comfort.

Some reviewers note that the padding is slightly firm but breaks in over time. Others have said that the chair doesn’t provide enough cooling, so it may not be ideal to sit on for extended periods during summer.

The chair has a seat height of 19.25-22.5 inches, a seat depth of 21.25 inches, and a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. It is easy to assemble but initially has a smell that eventually goes away over time.

Like the reliable support provided by your in-game racecar technicians, this product is supported by Respawn’s OFM limited lifetime warranty (which includes replacement of broken parts and chairs). Based on reviews that compare the Respawn reclining chair to the DX Racer line of chairs, this chair gives you much more bang for your buck.

Here’s a short video from the manufacturer that shows off the main features of the Respawn-110 Gaming Chair:


  • Easy to assemble and sturdy chair with 275 pounds weight limit
  • Backrest and locks into place anywhere between 90 – 130 degrees
  • Removable headrest and lumbar support cushion


  • Slightly firm padding may take some breaking in to feel comfortable
  • PU leather does’t dissipate heat well.

3. Hbada High Back Office Mesh Recliner Chair

Bottom line: Adjustable Mesh Recliner Office Chair with High Recline, though no footrest

Hbada High Back Office Mesh Recliner Chair ReviewWhen it comes to reclining office chairs, a footrest isn’t always necessary, or even feasible. If you work in a cramped space or environment where putting your feet up is frowned upon, the next best thing is an office chair with just a high degree of recline, as found in the Hbada Mesh Recliner Chair.

I’m a big fan of the Hbada brand when it comes to office chairs, where you will often find innovation and ergonomic features usually reserved for much more expensive chairs. The Hbada Reclining office chair is no different. It comes with excellent adjustability all around, from the headrest, lumbar support, to a high degree of recline.

This reclining chair has an impressive recline range of 90–150 degrees that basically let you turn the chair into a first class cabin seat.

In terms of ergonomics, the Hbada takes the cake for the most adjustable back and headrest out of all the chairs in this list. Made of breathable mesh, both the lumbar and headrest is height adjustable, letting you dial them in to contour to your body precisely when you lay back. Furthermore, the headrest can be rotated 30 degrees to fit the shape of your neck better.

I also love the design of the armrests on the Hbada Chair. As the chair reclines, the armrests lowers as well, letting you more easily rest your arms, plus pull yourself back up from the recline position. It’s attention to small details like this that Hbada is known for.

The chair has a seat height of 16.1″-20.8″ inches, a seat depth of 19.2 inches, and a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. It is easy to assemble but initially has a smell that eventually goes away over time.

All in all if you’re looking simply for a reclining office chair with mesh covering and a great deal of adjustments but no footrest, the Hbada Reclining Chair is your best option.


  • High degree of reline from 90 degrees to 150 degrees.
  • Adjustable lumbar and headrest that can raise 2″ upwards
  • Innovative armrest design that lowers and raises as the chair reclines
  • 1 year warranty


  • No footrest

4. Merax Inno Series Executive High Back Napping Chair

Bottom line: Well-padded reclining chair that sports an adjustable pivoting lumbar and footrest

Merax Inno Series Executive High Back Napping Chair ReviewLike many office chairs, the Merax Inno reclining chair has an S-shaped backrest that is contoured to the natural curvature of the spine. Even more impressively, the lumbar cushion can be pulled outwards to support your back even when you’re leaning forward. It’s an interesting if not nice touch.

I like the smooth doubly-stitched PU leather that covers the entire chair, including the armrests. It’s not as breathable as mesh, but damn does it feel good, especially given how thick the padding is all around.

The Merax Inno isn’t called a napping chair for no reason- it can recline all the way back to 180 degrees flat. Yes, it lets you lay completely flat in your chair to literally take a nap. Too bad the footrest on the Merax Reclining is on the small size, measuring 14″ W x 9″ H. For larger users, you may have to cross your legs for both feet to stay on the footrest.

The chair has a seat height of 18.5–20.5 inches, a seat depth of 21 inches, and an overall height of 39.5–49.5 inches. Garnering mostly favourable reviews, this chair seems to be holding its figurative and literal weight (which is a maximum of 225 pounds). There were some minor design issues but it is all in all a solid purchase.


  • 180 degrees flat recline to use the chair as a bed essentially
  • Very comfortable doubly-stitched PU leather
  • Lumbar pillow that can be angled outwards to support your back when leaning forward
  • Lockable recline at any angle between 90 – 180 degrees


  • Footrest is rather narrow, at 14 inches wide

5. Flash Furniture Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman

Bottom line: Padded recliner with a separate ottoman that combines vintage style with ergonomics

Flash Furniture Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman ReviewImagine reading a book by a fireplace in an oak cabin on a winter night — this is the chair to have. In contrast to the four reclining chairs listed above, this chair from Flash Furniture consists of two pieces. The chair itself (resembling a high-end salon chair or a chair Captain Kirk would buy for the U.S.S. Enterprise) does not have an extendable footrest, instead coming with a separate ottoman (which has the same height as the seat). Though this is a perfect addition to the living room, it is also a great fit for the study.

The whole set is aesthetically pleasing, with a full black polyurethane leather padding set in a swivelling mahogany frame. Do note that the leather is synthetic and may be prone to flaking over time; some users have also mentioned that there is an initial chemical smell that should recede over time. It is generally easier to swivel with the more stable circular base compared to the five-pointed base. The reclining angle can be manually adjusted by a lever for that old-school feel.

The chair’s seat depth is 21 inches. Its height is lower than the chairs listed above, measuring only 14 inches from the floor (which may be too low for some). The weight capacity is 250 pounds. In general, the chair is easy to assemble, although some users have reported quality control issues where the screw holes for the chair parts didn’t line up.


  • Excellent aesthetic for those who want an old-school vibe
  • Swivel base for chair and ottoman more stable than five-pointed base


  • Polyurethane leather has initial chemical smell

Benefits of Choosing a Reclining Office Chair

Getting an office chair that reclines is beneficial to your posture and ultimately your health because it can support your body in its natural curvature. A reclining chair alleviates some of the weight from gravity on the spine and joints and instead distributes it to the chair – it’s why so many elderly people have recliner chairs. Moreover, sitting at an angle improves circulation because by propping your feet up you may slow the rate of blood pooling in your legs than if you were to put your feet on the floor.

Reclining can open up the airways and prevent you from slouching (which is a common postural error when sitting upright). Plus it helps you relax, and who doesn’t want less stress? In keeping with ergonomics, many reclining chairs are departing from only having an adjustable reclining feature to more functions like seat height and lumbar seat angle (as seen in many of the above chairs). These multi-functional reclining chairs embody the best of both worlds for exceptional comfort and body support.

Reclining chairs  also set themselves apart from other chairs with the pull out footrest. The footrest provides comfortable ergonomic support of the lower limbs because it is usually well-padded. Users can rest their feet on the footrest, which has a gentler tilt angle compared to waterfall seats. Providing a point of contact at the feet reduces weight on the back thigh and therefore the pressure on the blood vessels in that area, even if your chair has a waterfall seat. The footrest complements the reclining aspect of reclining chairs to provide that tilted angle, which confers the health benefits mentioned above.

With a footrest, it also opens up the possibly of laying almost completely horizontal for comfortable naps. Some of the reclining office chairs reviewed above come with removable pillows that definitely come in handy for activities such as napping or watching a movie on the computer.

In contrast to rocking chairs, reclining chairs are optimal for extended sitting periods because they can be adjusted to a certain angle (though I recommend taking standing breaks often to help your circulation and muscle tone).

In summary, the benefits of reclining chairs with footrests are as follows:

  • Reduces compressive stress on the spine and joints
  • Enables better blood circulation
  • Improves sitting posture
  • Helps you relax!
  • Lets you take quick power naps comfortably

The 5 reclining office chairs reviewed here all combine comfort, ergonomics, and a high level of recline to create the very best reclining chair you can get at those price points.